Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Process..

So looking for jobs is a slow and tedious process. I have been putting out apps here and there since last week. I got an interview scheduled for next Monday with this tutoring place. It sounds pretty good. Just have to wait and see. I'm not gonna get my hopes up too high, but I am still applying to places in the meantime. I did speak to my boss to see if I could get my suspension reduced, but she said no and stands firm on it. That's cool though, I'll do my thing and just take it in stride and move on from it.

In my spare time, you would think I'd catch up on all my cleaning and organizing right? WRONG! I've been here online doing the same old bull and playing games and sleeping. I've also been cooking. IDK it's just one of those things. I like to cook and bake, so I've just been cooking. Ran out of stuff to cook, so now I'm gonna go to the store tomorrow and buy stuff to make. LOL Eventually I'll get around to the cleaning and putting stuff away.

I've also been dying my hair and trying to make it purple. No success. So I'm going to try blue. Worst case scenario - my hair will turn black from all the dye deposits. If not, I can always make it black and leave it alone. I'm just glad it's growning out pretty quickly from the last haircut. =o)

And while I'm not going to be working, my mom is going to leave for a week to go to Jamaica. That leaves me home alone. I know there's going to be trouble. I'll try to stay out of it. Who knows. I probably won't even be home. Try to be out and keep busy. Go sight seeing or something. I'll figure it out.

Other than that, things are going pretty OK. Started back at the gym. The diet thing is not going so well because it's expensive to be healthy. And I'm just not cut out for it. I've started with the most important thing - cutting out junk food and not eating late at night, I'm more active and that's what counts. I only need to lose like 10 lbs. I can do this! Just need to stay motivated and I'll be good. The plan is to find somewhere to run and find a running buddy and I'll be good. Possibly this Sunday my boo and I will go running together. That'd be sweet. =o)

That's pretty much it for now. Just trying to relax and not stress.


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