Sunday, August 2, 2009


I was being optimistic about getting a new job and searching for one etc, but it is tiring and I have given up somewhat. I did manage to get one interview, but it's not til next week, and I keep on finding ways to get my boss to cut my suspension. I counted the calendar days for the pay periods and I might be able to go to work a week earlier. I have to talk to them about it and see. Ughh it's frustrating me not working and not having anything to do. I would like to say I'm using this time to work out and go to the gym, clean the house or go out and do things, but I can't. I have cleaned the house somewhat, but the shitty weather we've been having has dampened my moods and made me lazy. And then there's the whole not having any money to do shit.. that fucks me up too. =oX

My mom just left for a week on vacation and its been a day and I miss her already. For as much as we argue and have our issues, she's still my mom. I was mad because she left on a late night flight and didn't call me when she got down there, but she called her boyfriend. I had to call him to find out if she got down there OK. So not cool.

Other than that, my boo has been working and what not and I have used some of the time off to go see him when I can, meeting him after work or what not but I miss him too. I was spoiled from seeing him whenever I wanted earlier before he started work and when I was in summer class. :sigh: But I've said it before, I am most definitely NOT going to repeat any of my other relationship fails or mistakes and I am taking it slow with him. What we have is understood between us and does not need to be put on display for the world to see or explained to everyone.

Anyway this was all random, been so frustrated and bored, but I will be better this week. I'm going to try anyway.


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