Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Just a Random Thought

If I were to meet any of my fantasy guys, I don't know what I would do. In all reality, probably nothing. I can imagine I'd be to shy to so much as even say hello. That or I'd be drooling mouth all open, or at best, probably not even notice. (let me stop lying my fantasy guys would have every female in sight in a frenzy) I don't know about you all, but I doubt I'd do more than smile and stare, maybe make an attempt to look cute, fail and then just walk away to try and save face. :-)

This only comes up because I was thinking about this one time I told someone about one of the looks that I like guys to have and it clearly wasn't the look they had, but they tried to pull it off anyway. But they didn't get it right and kinda screwed it up, so I never really brought it up again. I had one other guy that just looked at me like WTF why do you like that look when I told him about it, so since those two incidents I have not even thought about bringing it up again. If it's not that specific person's style, then never mind. That's what eye candy is for. I'm not trying to impose anything on anyone. I still wonder though what he'd look like.... Nah let me stop! No offense to my guy, but I already know he'd never be able to pull it off. We were looking around for outfit ideas for next weekend (I'm planning something special) and we didn't really agree on a lot. His style is different, but it goes with him and who he is. I have very few gripes with anything he wears and I usually tell him.

Anyway, this whole thing was random, as a result of me day dreaming on the train. LOL

- L

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