Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bragging Rights!

So my birthday was Sunday, I'm now 22 and officially a young woman. I actually have been thinking through things, such as tattoos and piercings and life goals, before making rash decions. Scary, I know. But anyway, October is my month long celebration, made possible by my wonderful BF! First he took me to the Blink 182 concert, then he went with me to MD for the wedding and everyone liked him, we had an awesome time together and spent an amazing (and also our first) weekend together. On my birthday weekend, he took me to the Heinekin concert to see Ludacris, Broadway to see the Lion King, and we had another interesting weekend together at a hotel and fell in love with 7 Eleven. And he got me my Coldstone's Red Velvet cake! The rest of the weekends are mine to spend with my friends and celebrate. LOL :-)

But the point is, he made sure I had a great time and enjoyed myself. I've never had anyone really go all out for me and treat me so special and not try to make it all about them. Yeah I know we're still fresh into the relationship, but damn it feels so good and he's already surpassed my previous relationships. Its still just the beginning, so I shall see and take it day by day. Not gonna go head over heels just yet. Lets see what that first year is looking like.


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