Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Karma Kickback

I wrote this 10-06-09 originally on a piece of paper, it's just taken me forever to type and post it.

In the middle of statistics [after I fell asleep] I had an awesome revelation - that karma does kickback! [and it hits hard] I swear I'm so oblivious sometimes. I was with my ex and I had him get rid of a lot of things that his exes had given him, without a thought. Like it was normal. Fast forward 2 years. My last ex made me do the same EXACT thing, down to the pictures and jewelry. Now I know how my other ex felt when I made him get rid of all his stuff. Talk about womp womp WOMPPP.. =o| not exactly the best feeling in the world. Great job karma! Learned my damn lesson though. Will not be doing that again. At least I can say I've learned and taken something from my previous relationships, so this should be the best one yet. [Let's hope so] I really don't want to fuck this one up =o/

Gotta love my random thoughts.

- L

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