Thursday, November 5, 2009

Getting a Start on Things

So I am actually laying down the building blocks of my great plans to move forward in life and become an adult. I have written out several lists of things to accomplish in 2010. The first and most important being - to find a decent and stable job and save up enough money to move out. I have already made moves towards calculating a budget and seeing how much is necessary per month to afford living on my own. I have realized I would need a roommate and I have the perfect person in mind. No, it is not my boyfriend. That would be cool, but not for another few years.

I have also started looking into the small things I'd need for an apartment like furniture, food, small appliances, pots and pans, etc. Best believe I will be hitting up yard sales and the sidewalks during garbage days! No shame in my game, but I will be bumming it out for the first few months. If I visit the food pantry or raid your kitchen, don't be too mad at me. LOL

With the current job situation, knock on wood, it has been working out. I have gotten extra hours and days at work, and the holiday job I have will make up for the time I was suspended from work. I will use the money made from my holiday job to start up my savings. I will also not be going out anywhere for the rest of the year unless its free. No more buying unnecessary items. I have to keep it strict and watch what I spend and how I spend it. I will and can make this work.

Other than that, my man has met not only the family from the wedding that likes him, but my friends from work, who also approve and like him. They just said he's quiet, which is true, but he will warm up to them. We are very happy together. The communication is there, the understanding and the trust. I feel truly good about the way we got to know each other and start off the relationship. I mean the circumstances may not have been the best, but we actually got to know each other pretty well as friends first before getting into a relationship. Hard to believe, I know, especially coming from me. But anyway the point is, I see it all coming together and falling into place. So it does make me realize that you can't rush things, everything comes in time. I am grateful for that.

Until next time,

- L

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  1. Who's the perfect person in mind to move in with homey, love you ^_^


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