Sunday, November 22, 2009


There is a significance and a meaning behind my tattoos. I'm just putting that out there. Now I do not seek or need people's approval, but certain people look at me like I'm crazy for the things I do and are quick to pass judgment on me. But they don't know me or the reasons I do things. I'm not totally crazy, there is a method to my madness. There are only a few people out there that take the time to figure me out.

So I have 6 tattoos, yes 6. They are not all in extremely visible places and most often than not, people hardly ever know I even have tattoos. I just recently got my 6th one this Friday. Tattoos are my thing. I'm more into them than piercings. It's how I express myself and who I am without being too extreme. None of the ones I have are ridiculously large or over the top. I'm going to break them down here now.

1 - my first tattoo was on my lower back [tramp stamp, I know] and it's of a strawberry on a vine in color. I was 15 when I got it, my mom took me. I like strawberries, and still do to this day. IDK why, but I've always been into them. Got strawberries on everything from my socks and undies to pens, paper and ceramics. It's cute, maybe not my finest tattoo ever, but I like it. Growing a little tired of it now, only because of all the tramp stamp references, and because I want to re-do it and make it pop more, have some more pizazz..

2 - I got this for my 19th birthday, my mom also took me to get this one. It's my zodiac sign on my left shoulder in black and shaded gray. It's simple and represents a part of me, I believe that for the most part, I have the qualities of my sign.

3 - The first one I got on my own for my 21st birthday. Chinese symbols for faith and hope in black. It's a part of my heritage, and because you should always have faith in something, and hope for the best, hope for a better tomorrow. They go hand in hand. Having faith helps you hope for something.

4 - Between my shoulders at the base of my neck, the infinity symbol with the words "today tomorrow forever" in it. Outline is in black, shaded in gray with the words in black. let's not go there with the original meaning, but let's just say for now that I will never forget the past. Without it, I would not be here, I would not be who I am today. So my past is an important part of me and will always be remembered, to help me strive for a better future and not to repeat my mistakes.

5 - On the back of my neck, the Hindu Ohm symbol in all black. Because I like what it stands for spiritually, relates to another part of my heritage and looks amazing.

6 - The word Believe on the inside of my left wrist in all black. I like this one very much. It has the most significance and it's my favorite tattoo and relates to #3. You always have to believe in something. If you don't believe in change, hope for a better tomorrow and have faith that it will come, then you won't go anywhere. You have to believe. There is plenty of power behind that one word.

There may or may not be more to come, but as I get older, I am becoming more conscious and aware of where I put them. I want to keep them in places where time and old age won't disturb them or the meaning.

- L

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