Friday, June 15, 2012

Over the Limit

So I bought a Wii as a way to have fun and exercise because let's face it, I come up with so many excuses to be lazy. And so far I don't mind it. I actually like it. But I have only had it for a week now. I did use it 3 times in the week so far. I bought the Wii Fit Plus and Zumba. They really do get you moving and have fun. I think it will help me because I'm competitive and I'm not going to let a damn video game mock me and tell me I 'm not good enough. But I did realize once the Wii board weighed me that I'm not only at the highest weight I set for myself, I passed it! Which means its time for some serious cut backs and kick ass. When I went through all my BS before and I lost all that weight in a really unhealthy way, I made it a point to mark off the high, low and best weight for myself. I won't say the numbers, but low-high was a good 25 lb range and the best weight was about the middle. And for a bit I was maintaining the mid weight and eventually leaning towards the mid-high end. Like most normal people, my weight fluctuates, and usually I'm able to drop weight quickly when I need to, but it is becoming harder for me to do so. My will power has also disappeared as it were to seem. But I have to be serious about this. I know I blame most of the weight on being on birth control, but I can't blame it all on that. (I was able to figure out some of my mood swings were because of the pill I was on at the time and I was able to fix that ASAP)

Now I already know that you have to lose weight the healthy way and not over do it or try to shed pounds too fast. Like all good things, its going to take time, work, and dedication. I am prepared to do it for real this time instead of talking shit and sitting on my ass. Hence why I started a food log this time. I am also really going to track myself on the Wii. This way I have a "personal trainer" so to speak. In a way the games and characters in them will help motivate me to do the exercises. I definitely saw this coming though, and hopefully if I get it together, I can get my mojo back. :) But no, if I can feel better about myself and gain some confidence, then I can fix things with my hunny at home. Because I know for a fact that this shit has affected my confidence/esteem and added to my not taking care of myself and caring how I look. Thus the vicious cycle has to end, and it will. Sooner than later.

That's all for now. Chuckin the deuces!

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