Sunday, July 1, 2012


I gave up on my food journal. Like I didn't see that coming. Too tedious. And I still ate whatever whenever. So it made no sense. I know what I'm supposed to be eating and not eating, why write it down? Still trying to find that healthy food mid ground. I've been trying not to be a total pig and give in to all my cravings. So far I'm doing ok I had 2 French macarons on Thurs tho :-/ but they're so good! Not to mention I totally pigged out this weekend so far. But come on, how could I not indulge on the company's dime? Too bad I didn't stay for dessert. I mean seafood isn't all that bad right? So I'm not that terrible. Those Huevos Rancheros today though, that was totally evil, and I loved it. I'll start over tomorrow - promise. With this heat though, its not that hard to stay away from food. All I wanna do is drink water.

Speaking of heat, summer is officially here and I'm stuck inside 5 days a week. Guess I will be staying pale all year round. No need for my summer shade of foundation :-/ I have to figure out what to do on weekends to beat the heat and mange a slight tan. I'm thinking of going to the park with a blanket and just get my tan on that way. There's no way I'm making it to a beach this summer. And I'm definitely not doing a tanning salon or self tanner. Not my style. I'm gonna try to upgrade my color before I look like Bella. But at least I don't glitter in the sun.

On the make up tip - I've been trying I get it together. I need to learn some more work appropriate looks though. As well as how to do my eyebrows. But I'm working on it. My skin has been acting up something terrible lately so I'm hoping that once I go back to my skin care regimen I will be ok enough to start back up with makeup. I don't like putting shit on top of fucked up skin because it will make it worse. Hopefully Monday I can start again.

Would love to write more but it's terrible writing this shit on my phone.


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