Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I joined a gym for the second time in my life. This time its about $200 cheaper than the first go around. And because it's not a female only gym, I can go with my BF and he makes sure I get my ass up and go. I joined Planet Fitness and its actually not that bad. Because I go with the Mr. he makes sure I legit work out and don't go for 20 mins and go home. So far I'm at 2x a week. I will probably have to learn to go on my own. He has soccer and practice, so there are limitations on when we can go. But I must say I DEFF feel it. I just have to alter my diet (again) and stick to this routine. I'm pretty sure you all don't wanna read about this anymore. (For whoever reads this) But hopefully I can achieve progress this time!

Work has been moving along and I am getting busier. So the slow time slump is moving over. I made my 3 months on the 16th and my recruiter informed me I am eligible for health insurance! Whoop. That means more to me than ever! But she also said the term on my assignment is up in 3 more months. That being said, its up to the company to either extend my term, hire me, or dismiss me. This is what I am afraid of! The other girls that started out temp here, have been temp for more than a year, up to 2-3 years before being hired permanently. This is what worries me. I am not trying to stay here for that long and still be temp. I need something more stable and secured than that. I have developed (in my opinion) decent relationships with my co-workers and boss. I do a good job (for the most part) on the assignments and projects. I just want to know whats going to happen when that time comes. I also am upset because the 6 month term will end right before my birthday - which I was going to request to have off because I wanted to go away and have a longer weekend. With all of this, plus other projects with due dates in Oct, I won't be anywhere near being Okayed for the days off. So I'm stuck. I really do NOT want to be here on my birthday around these people. It sounds messed up, but it's true. I'm still trying to come up with a plan for a way around it, but it looks like a no go. The positive thing through all of this is - I will still have a job until the end of term, and they have given me more responsibilities and are including me in more projects. They have also included me in some plans that have long term dates. So I will remain optimistic about the future.

In other news - there is no other news. Haha.. 

Later y'all

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  1. Count your blessing. Work hard but don't keep all our eggs in one basket. Look for a permanent jobs as much as you have time for- just in case. Good luck with the work out!


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