Friday, August 3, 2012

911.. I Need a Band-Aid

I reached my eligibility requirement for my agency's health insurance. I waited for the enrollment forms and information and as soon as I received it I was shocked. The monthly premium is ridiculous. It would basically be them taking my entire first paycheck the first of the month, every month.Then I have to pay for dental coverage separately from a different provider. Like seriously? While I have never took for granted my free health insurance, I was so gung-ho on receiving benefits from my agency because I have to renew and I know the free insurance is going to drop me because my income has increased. So I find myself stuck in the middle. I'm making too much for the free plan, but not enough to pay for myself. And I realize this is something a lot of people are faced with, so I am not alone in this struggle. I never guessed a temp agency would be offering something of this caliber. I immediately looked up other plans and options, only to find that they're almost all the same. Guess I'm not getting any insurance. 

Although I've never been one to go to the doctor all the time, let alone once a year for check ups, I still go to the gyno for the obvious reasons. That ish is not cheap! Trust me. I had to pay out of pocket once and it cost me a bit, not including cost of birth control. Plus I need dental work done, and new glasses. Just thinking about it makes my head hurt. I have a small window before my free insurance runs out, so I will have to try to squish as much stuff into it as I can. I mean I can get a dental implant done in 3 months right? But geez, I guess I will be sticking to home remedies and trying not to get sick or injured beyond what some tape and a band-aid can fix. 

On that note folks, enjoy it if you have it. Happy Friday.


  1. THAT IS AMERICA FOR YOU! I had a feeling the insurance this wasn't going to be so smooth. It like that when you get laid off too. Sure they over you COBRA but its your whole unemployment check. I would have to be REALLY ILL to just forget the roof over my head (because I would clearly have to live in a hospital since I can't pay rent) smh

    That was us running to the dentist before the end of the month when I was laid off. Its such a shame. Sad part is I couldn't get everything I wanted done because I was pregnant.

  2. I have a feeling I won't be able to get much done in terms of dentistry before my insurance is up, but I am desperately looking for options. This really sucks! I am at my wits end here. Guess I won't be going bungee jumping now. LOL


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