Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Customer Service

Now I know I'm not one to talk about good customer service, but I know from the multitude of trainings I have gone to over the years, that the customer comes first. Without paying customers, you have no paycheck. I also know enough that I am not cut out for most customer service jobs, at least not face to face ones. But that's me in general not getting along with people. I digress. There are a few stores where I see a decline in service, where I used to get pretty decent or great service, to now horrible service. JCP being one of the top offenders. No more than a few months ago JCP offered me great customer service no matter what department I was in, if I was looking for something, or if I was being rung up at the register. They got an A+ for that. As of my last few visits in the past few weeks, the decline is noticeable. I ordered some things online and I had to return about 90% of it, the sizes were off and it's always a guessing game when ordering stuff online - at least for me. I brought it all in to return and the woman at the register was nice when she started the return, towards the end when I was walking away, she muttered something under her breath and was very stank with her 'thank you and have a good day' I forgot an item so I went to a different register to return and it was even worse. This chic didn't even hide her irritation at doing the return and was so snappy with me I was contemplating asking for her manager. A third time which is making it the last time for me and JCP, I made a purchase (didn't want y'all to think all I did was return stuff - fun fact I hate returning things) and once again at the register the woman was rude to me. She had the worst attitude when I asked her when to swipe my card and when it didn't go through she rolled her eyes and said it didn't go through because I cancelled it. Like really? Ok. To top it off she wanted me to fill out the customer service survey and wrote her name on it. That's asking for me to go on the site and rant abt how your customer service sucks! I threw the receipt out but I wish I didn't, I could have totally rated them low across the board. Besides that fair and square pricing is not so fair and square when you break it down and compare it to older prices. They took away their coupons, so it doesn't even make sense. To be honest, I only buy stuff at JCP now when it's clearance, or I can't find it anywhere else. But it's not my go to cheap store anymore.

Here is a story with a better ending - at least for me. The man and I usually go to this spot by 71st Austin St area for brunch and it's consistently good food and decent service. The last time we went, bad on both counts. His steak was well done, with the exception of a bloody vein that ran through part of it. Our waitress/server was not so great on English and struggled to understand what fried eggs meant. Then she neglected to inform us that there were no home fries and that we were getting French fries instead. Like I'm eating eggs and french fries? I had pulp all in my mimosa, which made for a bad drink experience. No one came to fill up our water glasses, clear the table or check up on us. Not to mention the incredibly long time it took her to come and take out order. She took so long to come back for the check with my card in it that I walked up to her and gave it to her. At this point I was fed up, so I asked for the manager. She really tried to play it off, like manager? Who is the manager? Yes chic your manager, the guy in charge. He just so happened to be walking in at the time I asked her, or I'm sure she would have never got him. When she wendy to tell him I wanted to speak to him, she said something slick I didn't quite catch in Spanish, but by the look on her face I know it wasn't good. The manager was understanding enough and shocked really. I told him that we had a good enough time with the server on all our other visits and never had problems until today. He was apologetic and said he is making changes and to give him one more chance. He comped our bill and said to come back in a few weeks and see the differences. So we will wait before going back. I don't want to lose my go to brunch spot.

Will keep you updated when I go back!


  1. they need to step it up at JCP. although i kinda like their selection more now than i used to.... lol

  2. Although I do like their selection, I don't think the prices are worth it for the quality. Customer Service is deff a make or break deal for me. If Sephora is not careful, they may be next..


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