Wednesday, September 26, 2012

MTA Rant

I am beyond pissed off at the bus service in my neighborhood. I wrote the MTA a complaint before, and they responded, but things did not get much better. I drafted up a second complaint, but I am not even sure if I will send it. I may be the only one complaining about this particular bus line, so it may not even be worth my time. I almost want to post flyers telling people to go to the website and write up complaints, or call the number. But that's too much. At the very least though, all of you should take the MTA survey letting them know if you like or don't like service. I did. Let's hope this amounts to something. But for now I will post the mini rant I wrote on the train. I will decide later to send it as a complaint with the proper editing. We'll see.

This is my second complaint about this bus line and it will not be my last. The service seems to be getting worse instead of better. This morning on the Jamaica bound 84, the driver dropped us off at the first terminal, not the second entrance as normal. She was very rude in telling us that this was the last stop and that she didn't need to explain herself. As I was walking off the bus and towards the train station I hear her repeatedly yelling at another customer that she had to go to the bathroom and that she said this was the last stop 4 times. This is extremely unprofessional and uncalled for. We reached the terminal at 7:13, the bus had arrived at 6:55 at the _____ stop.

The service at night has also progressively gotten worse. The buses leave early and do not wait for the time they are supposed to leave. There are many times where I arrive at the Jamaica parsons station on weeknights and it is only 8:51,52 and the 8:55 bus has already left. There are other times in the late morning, early afternoon where the bus will not show up. Early mornings when I am going to work, it is always a gamble. The bus may come early, not at all, or late. After my last email, it had improved, but less than a week later it changed for the worst.

This is really unacceptable and I am encouraging my fellow patrons to voice their complaints. The MTA wants to raise the fares and state that it is necessary for their budget. Why should I have to pay more money for less service that is unreliable, subpar and disgusting at times? I'm not expecting every bus driver or train conductor to be inexplicably happy all the time. I'm just asking for dependable service, you know, what I pay for. If resolving the issue on this one bus line is something they cannot manage, then what about the other more important ones? All areas of service where the MTA operates should be treated equally. Don't put all your focus into making one borough/neighborhood to neglect others. It's a waste of time and a horrible dispersion of funding.

Obviously I went somewhere it didn't need to be, but you get the point right? I may wait for the next major incident to make another complaint as I did not have the bus number or her badge number. But knowing those things makes it more factual, more unavoidable.

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