Monday, September 10, 2012

Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Roll On Wax Review

Ladies, we all know how annoying hair removal can be. Laser removal is out of the question for the majority of us who don't have that kind of bread to spend. Professional waxing gets expensive, even with the amazing results, but not everyone is comfortable baring it all to a stranger (I know I wouldn't). Shaving and other at home alternatives can be cheaper, but the results may not be perfect. I can admit I tried several of the at home hair removal methods, and I can say I finally found one that works for me and I love it!

Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Roll On Wax is not the first at home wax I've tried, but it may be the last. After so many horrifying experiences, I was all but ready to give up. But then I saw the commercials for this, and on a whim picked it up in Rite Aide where it was on super sale. *side note - I am loving Rite Aide for the fantastic beauty sales they have* I figured why not? If this really doesn't work, then I will suck it up and go to the professionals. I will admit I left it sitting there for awhile before I tried it out. I didn't really see too many reviews specific to this product, but the few I did see were mixed. I was on the fence for a few weeks before I said F it, let's do this! 

Now before I get into it, I have dark, thick hair on my legs, slightly coarse (that's that mixed heritage coming into play) and shaving usually never lasts. I can shave in the morning and have stubble by the evening. I'm sensitive to hair removal creams and often get burned by them, no matter how I try. The previous at home waxes I used were stripless, sugar, and all purpose from Gigi (granted I should have tried other brands, but I was also being cheapy :-X ugh). None of which worked enough for me to want to use again. I ended up wasting money throwing away good amounts of product. 

So I read all the instructions, got prepared, and just went to it. Rolled on the wax easy enough, laid down the strip, and now for the anxious part - ripping it all off. Surprisingly enough, it wasn't that painful. I looked down in shock, like 'whoa, I'm not screaming in pain, but the hair's gone.' Now I know everyone has different pain tolerance, so I will break it down the best way I can. If you've ever gotten a tattoo, it's definitely less painful than that. If you've ever gotten your eyebrows waxed or threaded, it's about that pain level, just on your legs. I can't compare to professional waxing, as I've never done it. Sorry guys. I know this is not the most helpful. 

I continued on my way, maybe 30 minutes later, I was done. Or as done as I could be, I ran out of strips. While they are reusable, I had to wash them off and wait for them to dry before I could finish up. That's kind of a down side. I think you get about 10 strips, and I was able to do my left lower leg completely and part of my right lower leg. Nothing too terrible, and maybe with practice I can do both legs without needing extra strips. But if you want to wax more than just your legs that would be a problem. Not too much for me because I am not that adventurous to wax anything else myself. I did have wax leftover to use again, I can probably get 2-3 more uses out of the container before buying another one. And that's with me wasting some messing around with it. To date, the hair has yet to grow back (I did it on the 1st of the month) and there are no visible pores. My legs look and feel smooth, no stubble. I love it. Here's a quick pro/con list:

- easy to use, thorough instructions
- reusable strips that are easy to wash
- less painful, and removes hair well
- excess wax washes off with warm water
- cheaper than going to a salon
- no harsh/strong scent
- did not irritate my sensitive skin

- not enough strips (especially if you want to wax multiple areas)
- cleaning the roll on applicator can be a pain and you lose some wax doing it

Bottom line is that I like the way it works and I will continue to purchase and use it. It's great for beginners if this is your first at home wax. 

If you've tried it or not, let me know your thoughts!

*These products were bought with my own money and I was not in anyway paid for this review*


  1. NOW thats how you do a review and I am considering this. Very nice!

  2. Thanks! I put a lot of effort into it. More to come!

    1. Yay you made me buy this. Go Lori! And I was satisfied. I clearly didn't take note on your cons and was too cheap to buy extra strips. haha Thank goodness I had some left over from a previous kit that failed to work out. lol Your PROS though were ON POINT!

    2. Awesome! Glad this helped you :-) I'll be honest and say I haven't used it again bc I'm lazy lol but I will stop procrastinating and do it bc my legs never felt better.

  3. Nice blog, I like you blog. If you have any update then again share with us.

  4. For some reason it's not working for me. The hair isn't coming off with the I not heating it up enough? HELP!

  5. Hi Amanda, make sure you heat the wax and massage the bottle to distribute the heat/heated wax evenly before applying. Hold the skin tight in the area you are waxing and pull in the opposite direction of hair growth.

  6. You could probably cut up an old t-shirt into strips and use that instead of buying extra strips. I was just reading an article about homemade sugar wax and using t-shirt strips for it.


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