Monday, October 8, 2012

Birthday Month

October is my birthday month, but it hardly feels like it. All the other years I'm jumping for joy and frenzied over making plans. This year - nada. It didn't even register to me that my birthday was drawing near until I started getting the birthday coupons from all these stores I shop at. Even then, I am not as excited as I normally would be. I have no real plans, although I did get the day of and day after off from work. But I can't go away anywhere because I have class on Saturday, which I can't skip because we have a presentation due. Even with that, my heart isn't in it. I already know how my finances are, and while I have the money to go crazy and do all sorts of stuff, I kinda don't want to. Earlier in the year I had my heart set on going away for my birthday, taking the Thursday and Friday off and just wildin out. It is the big 2-5, quarter century, whatever you wanna call it. It all goes downhill from here (or so I've heard) and I wanted to do it up big. Now, I'm just like whatever happens, happens. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed. I mean there will be other birthdays, and most some people don't make a big deal over birthdays, but I feel a little empty. I wonder what's missing.........

Well I don't have to wonder too much, I already know.




  1. We should do happy hour of a quick dinner before I go to class! Don't miss out on celebrating altogether <3

  2. Yaaah Its my bday month too!!! I'm sure it will come..

    1. Libras!! lol I know it will come, I have many more ahead of me. :)


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