Monday, October 1, 2012

Jay-Z at Barclay's

I'll try to keep this short, but who knows with me. Last night the Mr and I went to the Jay-Z concert, he had bought the tickets the day they dropped. I was kind of excited, looking forward to it, and then I was there and the excitement died. They did a good job on Barclay's and it looks amazing. The seats inside, not so much. I'll admit it, we got the nosebleed seats, all the way up top. But I've also been in the nosebleeds in MSG, and the differences made me wish I was at MSG. The seats were on such a steep slant it was dizzying to look down. The seats were really cramped together, you had no leg room at all, less than what you get at the movie theater. I know I can't complain too much, and I would have been content if it was not a concert. Those seats would be ok for a basketball game, from how high we were too, you would be able to see the whole court, no problem. But this was a concert and it was a totally different dynamic.

The ushers did not show you where your seats were, just checked to make sure you were in the right section and sent you on your way. It was slightly confusing how to find your seat, and it was so dark you could hardly see the numbers. Most people gave up and just sat wherever. A few people got pissed off and thankfully no punches were thrown. There was a good mix of people attending the concert, and they all had one thing in common - smoking. The entire section was smoke and lighters with everything from cigarettes to black and milds, and good old Mary Jane. I expected people to light up, but I didn't expect it to be so blatant. The ushers did not give a shit. People were walking around the hallways with cigs in their hands. The crowd did get a little bit rowdy too, there were people in the aisles, no one stayed in their seat. But nothing major. I guess it was all to be expected.

Jay's performance was good, he said the Sunday show had the best energy. He gave a motivational bit about not letting anyone bring you down and don't give up. Songs were fire. I just didn't appreciate having to wait an hour and a half to see him. We had an 8pm ticket time and Hov didn't show til 9:30. That may not seem like a big deal to most of you, but he didn't have anyone open for him. We were sitting there while the dj played music. I felt like that was kind of disrespectful. The other concerts I have gone to, the artists were on time or had opening acts for them. I also didn't like the mini disappearing act he pulled towards the end to change his jersey. At that point I was ready to leave, so when the light dimmed, we dipped. I was content with watching the rest of the performance from the TV in the hall. It was nothing spectacular. I probably won't ever go to another Jay-Z concert, but if the conditions are right, I may give Barclay's a second shot - so long as I'm not up high.

Anyone else go? Let me know what you thought!



  1. Wow, smoking still - thank God I gave that up 3 years ago. Sorry you had such a bad time - waste of hard earned $!

  2. Girl this is exactly why I don't do concerts! I cant do all that smoking either (7 months preggo), ohh and I HATE crowds. Well, sorry it was a bummer for you :(


  3. Thanks for the comments ladies! I like Jay-Z as an artist, but never again. I'll stick to iTunes!

  4. Thank goodness smoking in public venues is against the law here. I agree that Jay should have had someone open for him, especially if he wasn't planning on hitting the stage until 9:30. That's a long time for fans to be waiting.


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