Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Stormy Days

As most of you know and have seen, Hurricane Sandy arrived and wreaked havoc across the tri-state area. Many people did not take this seriously, as I saw from my social networking sites, and it bothered me a little. I mean this storm did come from the Caribbean where there were several fatalities. People were joking about it, and irritated that the MTA was shutting down the subways and buses. But now that it has passed, everyone is realizing how serious really was. I may have been a little OCD with my preparations, but I took the necessary precautions and I was glad I did. Hurricane Irene last year caught us a little off guard and we were affected by flooding and power loss. I wasn't trying to be in the dark again! (pun intended)

The storm was crazy, I watched it all on the news in shock. Thank God we were not affected. My mom and grandma came out of this ok as well. One person I know had a tree fall on their house, but were otherwise fine. My job is in the part of lower Manhattan that was not only flooded, but without power. When I saw that ConEd explosion, I knew it wasn't good. So I will be out of work for the next few days until they can get things back up and running. While the MTA will have buses running, it's still going to be hell until they get the trains back up. I mean I always bitch about the bus by my house on a regular day, so I already know the buses will be more than shitty during these conditions. Plus there are downed trees out there. I'm not trying to kill myself for a temp job. Sorry! I know I need the money, but my life and well being is more important.

For now I am biding my time watching TV and eating a whole bunch of crap I'm not supposed to be. After all of this I'm going to have to catch up at the gym :-X

Hope all of you are doing well!



  1. People are immature sometimes looking for the most likes and responses. Even after all that is said and done there are still jokes. Its not funny when everyone was affected. I know people want to lighten the mood but they can use other topics to do so.

    1. I agree. One person wrote that we should wander the streets like "Walking Dead" and I was like really? I was glad someone else wrote on the status and said that it was inappropriate with all the people we have with no homes that really are walking around looking for help. People just don't know what to do with themselves.


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