Friday, November 30, 2012

Stepping Up

Finally the week is coming to an end! I mentioned before about the trade show for work, not only was it my first, but it was the 2nd biggest show that my company attends. It was so busy the first day, and I will admit I was nervous, I was kind of thrown in because trade show coordinator had to take emergency leave. There were other people there that had done the show before, but they were laid back. I stepped in and was the point of contact between her and the managers/reps at the show. She was really helpful in telling me what to expect, and I managed to take care of things as needed. I just really wanted to prove myself to the company and not screw up. As the days went on (it was a 4 day show), things got easier. It just felt good to be there talking about our products and interacting with our customers face to face. Working with some of our sales reps also gave me a chance to see how they work, and it was good to finally get to know them, even for only a few days.

While I thought I did an acceptable job, I felt like I could have done better. I will admit that the lackadaisical attitude of some of the managers and reps made me slack off a little bit. BUT our GM spoke to me and said he received a lot of good feedback about how I was working and conversing with the customers. A few people mentioned to me that I was doing a really great job and it felt amazing to hear that they thought I was a superstar. LOL I'm not going to let that get to my head though, no time for ego tripping! In any case, I managed to prove to them that I'm not incompetent like some of the other people they've had to deal with. Now I hope this works in my favor for them to make this permanent. Time will tell, but it looks good. :)

But even more importantly, I showed myself that I could handle it. I stepped outside my comfort zone and did it by myself. I learned to put on my big girl boots and handled my shit! And I explored something new that I actually enjoyed doing, so who knows, maybe this could be my calling..


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