Friday, December 28, 2012

Bus & Train Etiquette

If anyone knows me, they know I hate the MTA and the people that take it. I always have FB statuses about how pissed off I get. I catch serious twitter rage all the time. Traveling during peak rush hour in the morning and evening though, has put me at an all time high for sidewalk and other rages. I want my 11-7 schedule back :( I had time to sleep in, missed the morning rush, the bus and trains were fairly empty. Coming home, I caught a few crowds, but nothing major. Now though? I can't even begin to explain the madness that I go through going to and coming back from work. It's enough to make me want to stay home. At least its not that bad when the kids are off from school, because Lord only knows how irritating they are. It's not that hard to have basic etiquette when you're on public transportation. Here's a few basic things I think everyone should follow, and it would make the trip back and forth a little more tolerable.
  1. If you see a line for the bus, don't think you can get away with cutting in the front. Especially not when the line is long and doubles up. You must be crazy. And if by chance someone lets you cut, don't you dare be obnoxious and brag about it. There was a chic that did that once. She cut the line, cursed everyone out for saying something to her, then got on the bus and was on her phone, loud as hell, talking about how someone didn't want her to cut the line, but she cut anyway and she can do what she want to do, F everybody. Like really? Ok. When you grow up, and someone does that shit to you, after you've been standing up in the cold after a long hard day at work, you're gonna want to punch that bitch in the face too. I'm a firm believer in karma, so I can only imagine how she would react when that happens to her. And I hope it does. 
  2.  We all have somewhere to go, and you have the insane urge to bum rush everyone off the bus, train, up or down the stairs. Don't do it. It's especially rude when I'm on the bus with the Mister, sitting together and people rush to get off and separate us. Like you see us sitting here together, I'm getting up right behind him and then you just cut me off. I hope someone does that to you and your kids or someone you're with and see how it feels. This morning this chic climbed over my bag (I had it on my feet) and over someone else's lap, just to get a head start out the bus door, while everyone else is getting up. So she got stuck right after crossing my bag, so I stood up and walked close behind her and was bumping her every step she took, until we were off the bus. Bitch move, I know. But I really wanted to hit her with my bag. She gave me the stank eye and ran off as soon as we got out the bus. I laughed. She was in a rush, thought I was helping her out.
  3. Taking up 2 or 3 seats just because you feel like a 'boss' when its crowded, don't do that either. 
  4. Having your kids wreak havoc on a crowded bus or train. Or at all. Especially when they stare all up in some stranger's face, or sit there and kick the persons leg, or crawl all over them. While you sit there and just idly say "stop, don't do that." Or you let them play "I Spy" loudly while they call out things about random people on the bus. If you can't control your kids, then keep them with you. Don't let your 5 kids be spread out across the back of the bus, all over and in between people.
  5. And definitely don't drive your stroller down the crowded bus because you don't want to fold it up and the bus driver is too pussy to tell you not to do that. And then be ignorant and loud about the ignorant shit you just did, while you change your baby's nasty stank diaper on the bus and tell everyone if they don't like it they could get off the bus, they don't have to sit there, you can and will do whatever you want. When someone does that at your wedding (like that will ever happen for ya) don't complain. Karma.
There's more, but I can't think of all of them off the top of my head. These are definitely real life experiences. The bus pisses me off more than the train, that's for sure. Maybe you think I sound psychotic, but I swear to you, if you witnessed these things, you'd be at your wits end too. Especially if you had to face this everyday. I'm not even factoring everyone's attitudes, loud mouths, gross behavior, or any other outside factors. This is the tip of the ice berg.

I hope people leave all this bullshit in the old year. None of y'all better do any of this either!

Until next year,

Monday, December 24, 2012

Stella Artois Chalice

If you didn't know by now, I love Stella. It's one of my favorite beers. Having gotten a free chalice, compliments of BzzAgent and Stella Artois, I can't put it down! I've been more than thrilled to finally get my hands on one. It does make drinking my favorite beer quite a different experience. It's classy, chic, and straight up awesome. I mean, who doesn't want to drink out of a chalice?! Anyway... I tried my hand at the 9 step pouring ritual, and it was a success! To be honest, who doesn't know how to pour a beer? Haha. Kidding! The pouring process is not as awesome as the drinking process, but it's well worth the effort.

In case you don't know, the pouring process is:

Now I can admit, I skimmed through the steps, because who has time for all of this every time? But drinking out of the chalice was enough for me love Stella even more. Now don't be surprised if you see me toting this bad boy around!

***I was sent this product for free, and I am NOT being paid in anyway for this post***

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Coming to a Close

Just a few weeks left before the year is over. I'm just so anxious for 2012 to be done and bring in 2013 already. Not that 2012 was a terrible year, it definitely had its ups and downs. But it's time for it to be over. I'm not going to post up any resolutions, because that just ends up going out the window as soon as the new year rolls in. I can't think of a year where I actually stuck to my resolutions. I can say that I will try to be a better human being. LOL Some of you know how hard that will be for me! And maybe I will try to look like a decent human being more often. The first step to feeling good, is looking fabulous :) If I can get out of this lazy rut I've been stuck in, then I can spread my wings and let out my inner diva. Still don't have plans for NYE, but I'm sure we will figure it out. In a few days I'll write up a reflection of sorts for 2012, if I have time. I've been trying to fight this nasty cold for a few days now, hoping its gone before Christmas. :(

Deep Breath... and out........

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Foundation Review

This is a long time coming. But I can say I have thoroughly tested this out since buying it during the summer. As you can see from the picture, figuring out which shade you are is nearly impossible with that heavy glass container. I had to read tons of blogs and reviews before I got one that worked for me. As well as buying 4 and testing them out (gotta love some store's return policies) and choosing the best one. Although this is not PERFECT, its pretty damn close. I was done testing and re-testing. But you'll see from the pics. Before I get into it, my skin type is oily/combination and most products usually don't break me out too easily unless I sleep in them. My makeup routine is pretty minimal for everyday and work, but going out I step it up more. I'm usually in and out in the mornings, and usually use my BB cream, but sometimes the inevitable happens and I need more coverage. 

Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Foundation is supposed to last 24 hours, and be really light and make you flawless. You can read their spiel here. Out the container, it doesn't look or feel like a mousse to me, but I am comparing it to the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse, the only other mousse foundation I've ever had. I can't comment on 24 hour-ness, but I can tell you it does last pretty long. Throughout my 8 hour work day, it's still there. It's not transfer-proof, but it doesn't get all over the place messy. It does, however, make me look smooth and almost flawless. :) I usually put a setting powder or my Bare Minerals on top, but I didn't in the pics. It covers my redness and acne fairly well, without clogging my pores. It doesn't make me excessively oily either, so that's a plus. You don't need a lot, and can layer as needed. I usually don't put more than one layer on, especially if I'm using powder on top. After the second layer or so it begins to feel a little heavy. I don't have issues with it settling into lines or pores, but it can cling to dry spots, so make sure you moisturize well before applying. I've never used primer underneath, but I've never needed it. Maybe if I need it to last all day/night for a special function I will. Overall I am satisfied with it and will continue to use it for those rare days. I still have my eye on that Stila though!

After much trial and error, I settled on the shade 400 Early Tan, which looks really dark, but it works. It is slightly pinker than I would like, but I'm very yellow toned. Most of the ones I tried looked really pink on me, and honestly I could have went with any of the shades I tried, as I did find the foundation to be forgiving. It seemed like the longer I wore it, the better it looked and the better it matched. I tried Natural Tan, Warm Golden, Early Tan and True Beige. True Beige and Early Tan were on the pinker side, while Natural Tan and Warm Golden were on the neutral/yellower side. I probably could have went with Natural Tan, but it was still a shade too light for me (I was trying it in the summer). I actually did want to try Rich Ginger just to see if it would make a better match, but I was tired of buying and returning.

dab, slightly blended, fully blended and settled
While it looks decent in natural and indoor lighting, it does not photograph well with flash. I always end up looking like I have my face painted on. :-/ I know it's not marketed for flash photography, so I won't cry over that. You can see in the pics below that it covers up and looks pretty decent without too much effort. If I would have used my Bare Minerals on top it would've been more coverage.
bare faced (yuckkkk)

One layer applied with fingers
It calms down the red and angry acne. I could have used some concealer under my eyes, but whatever. I look decent with the foundation alone and am able to keep my routine quick. It applies pretty well with your fingers and is blendable. The best application I ever had with this was with a brush. I stipple and blend and it's even better coverage and smoothness. It is an open container, so it does get unsanitary if you don't wash your hands or keep sticking them in the jar. I just use whats on the top of the plastic cover, under the lid. But I'm not a complete germophobe and I wash my hands when I apply my makeup. I think I'll be OK.

Overall if you want a drug store foundation without losing quality or performance, I'd go with this one. It's all about preference. Just make sure you read up on the shades to help choose the right one for you.

***DISCLAIMER: I was not compensated in anyway for this review. Products reviewed were bought with my own money for personal use.***

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Lazy Weekend

After all the chaos, I finally took a much needed weekend off. I didn't leave the house all day Saturday, and only for a few hours on Sunday. It actually felt refreshing. I caught up on Scandal from season 1, slept for hours, and just chilled. I've never felt better. Albeit I missed class on Saturday because I stayed out late the night before for my company's holiday party. But still, I needed it! I can't keep going on and on like a chicken with its head cut off. Shit, who can?! I may be dreading going back to work tomorrow, but I'm in much better condition to face the week.

I know my blog hasn't had that many clicks/visits since I posted about the Race Issue, but frankly I don't care. I'm not out here killing myself for a blog. I've got a job, a life, and better things to do than try to beg for views. If I get them, great. If not, I'm not losing any sleep over it. This is still my blog, a place for me to rant and vent and just gather my thoughts as necessary.

The next few weeks will be busy, so the posts will be sparse

Until next time,

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Holiday Blues

It seems like time is flying so quickly. I guess that's what happens when you're busy. Things have been a bit hectic with work and school, but I'm battening down the hatches and making it work. I'm just waiting for the lull around the holidays. I'm DEFF going to need the time off. But I'm not really in the holiday spirit this year. I don't know what it is, but I'm just not feeling the cheer. I won't be spending it with family, and as far as how Christmas day is going to go, I'm still not sure. It's all up in the air for now, but I don't see it changing in the foreseeable future. I'm still not even sure if the office is going to be closed that week or not, but if they are, it will be unpaid. :-( Such is the life of temping. That break will be much needed though. Paid or not, I'll take it. I'm just so exhausted lately. I still haven't recovered from working the show. Who knows. Maybe its my old age. LOL

On a side note - ASL classes have been going well, I just feel like I have to force myself to get up on Saturday mornings. I also have to force myself to go to the ASL meet ups too, but they're fun and so helpful! I just hate travelling home late, you know train to train to bus. -__- Hopefully I can move closer to the train station and won't have to worry too much about travelling.

Til next time,