Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Coming to a Close

Just a few weeks left before the year is over. I'm just so anxious for 2012 to be done and bring in 2013 already. Not that 2012 was a terrible year, it definitely had its ups and downs. But it's time for it to be over. I'm not going to post up any resolutions, because that just ends up going out the window as soon as the new year rolls in. I can't think of a year where I actually stuck to my resolutions. I can say that I will try to be a better human being. LOL Some of you know how hard that will be for me! And maybe I will try to look like a decent human being more often. The first step to feeling good, is looking fabulous :) If I can get out of this lazy rut I've been stuck in, then I can spread my wings and let out my inner diva. Still don't have plans for NYE, but I'm sure we will figure it out. In a few days I'll write up a reflection of sorts for 2012, if I have time. I've been trying to fight this nasty cold for a few days now, hoping its gone before Christmas. :(

Deep Breath... and out........

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