Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Flu Season.. Ick!

It's all over the news, and everywhere you turn, someone is sick. People cough and hack all over you, don't cover their mouth, or don't wash their hands. Sometimes a combination of the three. I read this article on Yahoo that made me really stop and think. There are so many places germs can hide, and not everyone thinks about these 'hidden' spots (unless you're a germophobe.) It was so crazy to me that I never thought of cleaning the bottom of my purse, or tossing my eco bags in the wash! Some of the other ones seemed obvious to me, but may not to everyone, so I thought I'd share! And that toothbrush one... ugh, super gross. Thank goodness our toothbrushes are far away from the toilet.

I hope everyone makes it through the flu season with great health and make sure your family stays healthy too! Especially for those of you with little ones, you can never be too careful. :)


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