Monday, January 7, 2013

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream

This hand cream was phenomenal. I loved the way it made my hands feel after just 1 use, and even better after a week. I use it daily to help prolong my manicures. We all know how hectic life can be, so it's almost impossible to visit the salon every week when you need to (at least for me.) I also try to pinch pennies when I can and do most of my mani-pedi's at home. With years of practice, I've gotten better and most people think I've gotten my nails done professionally. Still more often than not I don't have the time to sit and give my manicures the full attention and time they need. So I cut corners sometimes and rush or skip certain steps. Shame on me I know! But sometimes you done have all the time you need.

Now I'm not a big fan of cutting your cuticles, especially when not all salons are that hygienic. But when I'm at home, things get out of hand and there are times where I just have no choice but to trim them with a cuticle cutter. I try not to make it a habit, as I tend to overdo it and almost always cut myself. With the Neutrogena hand cream though, I found that I didn't have to do so much work on my cuticles after awhile. They're much more manageable, and my skin has become so much softer! I just use it several times a day like I always do. At night and after my manis, I put a little extra on my cuticles and rub it in, then put white cotton socks on my hands (ghetto I know!) and go to sleep. In the mornings, my hands are baby soft and smooth! If my hands are extra dry, I mix in a little coconut and jojoba oils to help soothe my skin. It works especially well when my skin cracks from the cold if I forget my gloves at home.

Here's my latest "Speed Mani" using my new ELF nail polish in 'Glamour Girl.' I don't normally do colors like this, but I was trying something new and I actually liked it! (Don't make fun of my short nails, I had to cut them because of breakage.) Also in this pic, I have not cut my cuticles, and have not needed to in over a week! Thanks Neutrogena!

Be on the lookout for my giveaway! One lucky winner will get my last sample in their goody bag!


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  1. Your nails and fingers look great! I'd love to win that sample! I tried this hand cream for the first time as Well a few weeks ago and I can't get enough of it. Seriously, so awesome ESPECIALLY for the price point.


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