Wednesday, January 30, 2013

NutriBullet Review

Hey guys and gals, this is my quick and easy of the NutriBullet. I just purchased one last week and started using it on Thurs. I can tell you since I've gotten it, I have used it everyday. That's a first for me and a kitchen appliance. So far I'm loving it!

For those of you that haven't seen the infomercial, you can see it here. It is the same company that does the Magic Bullet. But the NutriBullet is stronger, so it really pulverizes and breaks down the fruits and veggies for awesome smoothies. It is not, let me say that again, NOT a juicer. I was kind of mislead into thinking it was, but that was me not thoroughly doing my research and buying on a whim. Oops. Anyway, it's an extractor, so its not a blender or typical bullet either. It's really powerful and the smoothies are super smooth, no clumps and very thick. My only issue is with the smaller strawberry seeds. I will admit I didn't read thoroughly the instruction booklet, but it doesn't bother me too much. The Mister likes it too, and he uses is to make his own concoctions. All in all I see this being a new staple in our kitchen. Now I need to use it to make salsa and sauces!

I give them props for being Eco-friendly with their packaging. There were no plastic inserts, or Styrofoam trays. (They still had plastic bags, but all can't be avoided.)

The recipe book and Quick Start Guide were a nice touch. Although if I'm honest, I haven't used the recipes in the book yet. We haven't gone heavy duty grocery shopping yet to pick up all those items, so I've been looking things up on the internet, and improvising with what I have on hand. So far so good, except for this terrible kiwi I used yesterday :(

I will be buying more fruits and veggies to really test this baby out! But I can tell you I love it so much already. I have not had any problems with leakage, and it is so easy to use. You all know how pressed for time we are in the mornings, but with this, I'm in and out in 10 mins (including prep and clean up.) I'll come back in a few months to give you the full run down.



  1. This looks cool! I need to get my healthy game face back together! ugh

    1. Don't worry I need to as well. Doc's orders lol but making these Green Smoothies helps!


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