Thursday, February 21, 2013

John Frieda Precision Foam Hair Color Review

I was about 90% sure that this hair dye wasn't going to be the color it said it was based of the numerous reviews I read about it. And I read a lot. I literally spent hours going through blogs, review sites and the company page to see if this was going to be worth the investment. Considering I usually use cheap hair dyes, this was expensive for me. About 13.99 in stores, and 11.92 at Walmart. I wasn't expecting much either as I usually have to bleach my hair for it to retain any color. I did the survey on the John Frieda website to see what color I should use, as it says not to go more than 2 shades lighter or darker. Since I wanted to lighten up a little, nothing drastic, I chose the lightest color they chose for me - 6.5PBN Lightest Cool Almond Brown. I know from experience that using the lightest color yields better results because box color does not ever give you the shade you want. A majority of the reviews also said that the colors ran way darker than the descriptions and pictures on the box. So that was also another factor for me to choose this color.

Also from reading the reviews, I knew to expect a pump that actually doesn't pump. You have to squeeze the bottle to create the foam. Don't shake to mix, tilt 5 times. Don't squeeze into hair, put on your hand then put it in your hair. If you read the instructions, its pretty easy to understand. Some reviews were complaining about the instructions and steps being complicated, but I didn't think so. If the instructions are too hard for you, then maybe you shouldn't be coloring your own hair. I'll pray for you.

  • One bottle worked for all my hair with plenty left over - I usually need 2 bottles and my hair is BSL (bra strap length)
  • Even/uniform coverage with no spots
  • Easy use and application
  • No drips. Less mess
  • No overly chemically smell
  • Nice size conditioner for multiple uses and and a little goes a long way, it works well and I want to find this and buy it by itself

  • Colors are really really off

I honestly should have gone with something more red tones, as in the reviews, those were the only ones that were successes. Because even this light brown should have made a dent in my hair color. It didn't. It covered my highlights and blonde patch and that was that. I know a few reviews said after a few weeks and few washes the color would fade out and be more like the color you were aiming for. So I'll come back to this in a few weeks and see.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5. Would I buy it again? Sure. It was easy to use and didn't damage my hair like most dyes do. If John Frieda ever got it together with their colors. But if not, then I'll stick to the red tones and use this if I ever go light and want to switch back to dark. Now time for the pics:

clearly JF was wrong recommending me this color. I'm dark brown!

developer, dye, gloves. pump top, conditioner
best gloves I've seen yet! will reuse these!
this is the before of my highlights and blonde spot

nice and foamy like the pictures
there still is some dye left under all the foam

after. blonde and highlights all gone. darkest brown ever.


  1. Your hair looks so nice and shiny!

  2. thanks! I think that was the only bonus to this product. The conditioner was AMAZING. but sadly, I miss my blonde :(


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