Monday, February 11, 2013

Looking Back... And Laughing!

I was cleaning up this weekend, being 'snowed' in and all, and found some impromptu journal entries I had written on some scraps of paper. I took a minute to read them over and had a really good laugh. There's no date on them, but I know exactly when I wrote these, and the frame of mind I was in when I wrote them. They were notes to myself about the type of man I expected and not to settle. Quite complete along with a checklist. I have to say though, that while most of it still applies, I have to say that I was being very idealistic and optimistic. I won't go into details, but I had written these 'guidelines' as I titled them, after my ex and I had broken up and during the beginning stages of my current relationship when things were still rocky. Most of these things on the list applied to things my ex did that pissed me off, so I'm not listing those. But here are some of the more general ones (with my notes as I wrote them on the papers).

Standards for Guys:
  • must be educated w/some kind of degree (No GEDs!)
  • must have steady LEGAL income
  • NO baby momma drama
  • no psycho ex or OD attachment to her 
The list goes on, and there are several pages. It's pretty funny, if only I could really share them with you. I mean the ones I listed still would apply. LOL It's just the way I wrote them, with underlines and severe caps. I was on that war path, take no BS. I would ever need that list again, not that I used it to begin with. I was a rebel without a cause when it came to the Mister. He just stole my heart and we've been together since. (I'm sorry if I made you all want to gag just a little bit.)

Maybe one day in the future I will share the full hilarity that is the contents of these pages. For now, they'll remain my inside joke.



  1. I wrote a list like that. It's amazing too look back and compare what was important then versus what's important now.

    1. It deff is! There were a few things on my list that I had to raise my eyebrows at. Like really younger Lori, this is what was important?


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