Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Country Girl?

Ha it has finally happened. After all the years of me being so against it, I have embraced Country Music. And I love it. Now I'm not talking Taylor Swift (sorry hun!) But Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert, Lady Antebellum, The Band Perry, Eli Young Band, Kenny Chesney and everyone else that's on the various Country Radio stations on Pandora. I can also attribute some of my Country music interest to ABC's TV Show Nashville. I didn't expect to like it as I'm not big on Hayden P, but it caught my interest and it's on my "Must Watch List." And because the Mister turned me onto Country music a few years ago and I didn't believe him til now. I'm sure there's plenty of die hard Country fans that dislike the show, but sue me! I found it interesting. It's a good drama and the music makes it better.

I actually like this song from Nashville and this one.

I'm far from becoming a die hard Country fan (no disrespect to those who are) but in widening my range of musical tastes, I embrace Country music and appreciate it. I do want to go to a Country concert sometime soon. I can only imagine in person its even better. There's just something so relate-able to these Country artists. Their songs have meaning, and substance. Something that can't be said about some of the upcoming artists over the years. It's what's made me turn off the radio and stick to the oldie but goodies. I can't stand some of the things out there they call "music" especially not within the Hip Hop genre. To me that needs a revival, revolution. Something to bring it back to what it was. For now, Country is soothing my soul and I'm enjoying my moment with it.


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