Sunday, March 10, 2013

Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Miracle Dry Oil

I got this from BzzAgent and was excited to try it out. It boasts:
  • Combines three weightless oils – olive, avocado and shea – to transform dry hair and skin
  • Made for everyday use on your hair, body and face
  • Instantly absorbs in a touch with no oily residue
  • Can be used on damp or dry hair

I can attest to a few, but not all of these claims. Upon reading the back of the bottle, I was a little disappointed to see that it was not all natural, nor were shea, olive, and avocado the most prominent ingredients, or the only oils. Still I was ready to give it a try. It was still pretty light weight, and as mentioned in their claims, it did absorb pretty quickly with little residue on my hands. (I found the spray to be too uncontrollable and concentrated the oil in some areas. It was also not as easy to spread once sprayed. It was way easier to spray on my hands and then rub in my hair.) I used it both on wet/damp hair and dry hair. I did notice it did a better job of lasting on my wet/damp hair than on dry hair. I guess my hair was just really thirsty when it was dry!

I did not use this on my skin, as I am sensitive and a little wary of the things I use on my skin, my face especially. That being said, I did do a trial run on my legs and it was alright. A little greasy, maybe because I put too much. I didn't break out or have any adverse reactions to it, but I more prefer lotion to oil for my skin. There is a scent to this that was a little too much for me, but after rubbing on my legs, the scent faded out pretty quickly. It is less noticeable when I use it in my hair. I have to say after reading Swa-Rai's post about this, I had to give it another try on my skin. I started using it sparingly on my face and I admit - I like it. It really is great to travel with as well. It sure got the job done on my Easter weekend. Hair, skin, and face - I was covered thanks to this bad boy. Just shows that you can't always shoot things down on the first try.

I didn't change anything in my hair routine except for this oil. I switched out my jojoba/coconut oil mix for this Garnier Miracle Dry Oil and it worked really well. My hair was really shiny and smooth, even after 3 days (I only applied once during that time.) Normally with my jojoba/coconut mix I have to apply again (to the ends) after the second day, and it tends to get a little stiff if I over do it. I was impressed with the way the Garnier made my hair softer and more manageable after a few uses. I will add this to my rotation. As for it being multipurpose... I suppose for when I'm traveling and can't bring too many products with me, this would work. (See the edit above. I loved it for traveling. Less products to carry and worry about.) I'm still really iffy about using it on my face. But we'll see, maybe a light application with a cotton ball may be alright. I'll have to get back to you on that one. Quick spray on my hands, rub it in and light pat down on my face is just perfect. No greasy mess and no dry spots. Just be careful around the eye area. I used it on my lids and that was a no-no. They were super greasy before the day was out.

Overall this is worth trying out. If they switched the spray to a better one, or a pump that would make it all the better. As for being 100% natural, I'm sure they won't go that route, but if you really want something natural, you can just use the oils by themselves. I won't switch off my jojoba/coconut oil mix completely, but I will definitely throw this in the mix. The fact this is more readily available in major drug stores like CVS, Duane Reade, Walgreens, etc is a plus, and it's not terribly expensive. Target and Walmart also carry it, so you can get it almost anywhere you shop for your beauty needs. It's good for the budget conscious that don't want to sacrifice quality.

***I was not paid for the review. The product was sent to me for free to evaluate and provide feedback.***

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