Sunday, March 17, 2013

Get to Stepping!

Since my last post, I am proud to say, I have gotten better at not buying anything else. Just the necessities! Yay me :) I have also 100% committed myself to Hot Yoga, even increasing from the 60 min class to the 90 min one. Whooooo it's a big difference. But so worth it! I feel amazing after. Stress free and fully worked out. I have to be careful not to counteract it with junk and laziness, but for the most part I've been pretty good about it. Just not today. Its a lazy Sunday and I'm finding myself a little peckish. The Mister was raising his eyebrows at me and told me to slow my roll. So I am. I'll be working out in a little bit, I promise! And the main thing that's also been helping me, and I'm sure my Instagram followers are tired of me posting about it (sorry guys!) is monitoring my steps.

Yep, I'm walking around and counting my footsteps. Just not with a pedometer. I've been using this app on my iPhone called Moves. I like it because its so simple and it shows where I've been throughout the day. There are no extra features or buttons taking up screen space. It's simplicity at its best, without sacrificing function. It can also tell the difference between walking, running, and cycling, though I have yet to test that out. I will in the near future and I will let you know. I love it though, and it   doesn't force you into doing anything extra. Personally though, I look back at the amount of steps each day and compete with myself. LOL I know it sounds silly, but I do! I'm like "dag why didn't I walk as much as yesterday? What was I doing? I gotta do better tomorrow." It motivates me to be a little more active and walk around instead of taking the shortcuts. 

All in all I know there's more that I can do, but it's about the baby steps. I have to schedule my time better and be more mindful of what I eat. Less carbs, more veggies (especially greens) and be more focused. The fact that some of my coworkers are also on the health kick helps me because I feel guilty sneaking snacks or eating a less than amazing healthy lunch. Slowly, but surely, I will get there. I'm proud of myself to dropping a few lbs and keeping them off. It won't happen overnight, no matter how much I wish it did...

Stay healthy!

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