Wednesday, March 13, 2013

No Will Power

I broke my No Buy already. Yea I'm weak, I know it. In my defense, the sales were too good to pass up. I shoulda known better than to go to Target during my No Buy. LOL I will try to refrain from shopping for the rest of the month and try again in April. Realistically April 1st is the date to look forward to where things should fall into place for me. *fingers crossed* Not that I should have any excuses. But to be fair, I still put money in savings, paid more than my share on my bills and still had quite a bit of breathing room. I didn't go broke splurging it all on one check like I do sometimes. It's all about balancing.

And while I need to save a little more, I'm still content with what I bought. It wasn't anything super unnecessary. It was stuff I needed and some that I wanted that I will use and not toss to the side. One pair of sneakers because I have no casual footwear besides my gym sneakers. I kept meaning to buy them I just didn't want to pay jacked up prices. I saw them on sale, took it as a sign and bought them. With my luck if I would have waited, I would have never gotten them. That's always the story. The stuff in Target? That was a little unnecessary, but again the sale prices were really REALLY too good to say no to. I know for next time to stay away from Target during a No Buy session.

All in all I'm not feeling too guilty or bad about it. I could have done worse. I owned up to it and didn't try to hide it. So now you all know I cheated, 'cause I fessed up. On the plus side, some of the stuff I got at Target will make for good future posts. So it's more of an investment ;-)

BUT I'm still going well with my fitness and diet. Loving the Hot Yoga and the way it makes me feel. Working on my core, and general well being. Summer is around the corner!

Stay tuned!

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