Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Weekend

I started to write up this post on the plane, but then I got side tracked. Typical me. >__< Anyway, I went away this weekend to visit my family in Missouri, and it was a good change of pace that I needed. It was quiet and peaceful, a big difference from the hustle and bustle of NYC. They lived in the burbs, and you needed to drive everywhere. It was a little annoying that I couldn't just walk to anything. But I guess that's the trade off. I was able to sleep in, relax, and just get some 'me' time in. The houses out there are so beautiful, it really got me thinking. I am now officially done with NY. I wouldn't go as far as MO, but I need to leave the Big Apple. MD is looking pretty sweet since so many family members seem to be moving there. But it all depends on the Mister. This is a joint decision. It also won't happen for awhile because I just got settled in at this job. The benefits are too good to walk away from. I've waited so long to make it happen. Still if everyone stays in MD, it's easier to see everybody, especially since his mom lives out there too.

I just want to be around my family more. It felt really awesome seeing them and spending good quality time catching up and hanging out. We used to be so close when everyone was still in Brooklyn. I miss it. I really do. :-/ I feel like we've grown apart and there are only a few of my cousins I speak to on a regular basis. I know everyone has their own things to deal with, their own lives, but dag I want back to the good ol' days..

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Good things are coming.

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