Monday, April 8, 2013

Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector Oil-Free B.B. Cream

I thought I had blogged about the original Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector, but I guess not. Oops. Anyway I had tried the first Garnier BB cream last year, but wasn't quite satisfied with it. It left my already oily skin even oilier and while the coverage was good, I couldn't handle the shine. No matter what setting powder I used, the oil came right through. It's like it never even dried, it just instantly turned to oil. So I switched back to Missha and kept the Garnier around for emergencies. I wasn't aware of the oily/combination formula until this campaign and I have to say its an improvement. The coverage is the same as the original, but is much more matte. It lasts throughout a typical work day without greasing up. The color/shade is close to original formula, but to me it looks a tad bit lighter on my face than in the tube. I think it's just me and the horrible lighting in my bathroom. I use the Medium/Deep in both the original and oil-free formula. They are both a little on the pink side of the spectrum (in my opinion) but not enough to alter skin tone drastically. I actually have learned to embrace pink tones, otherwise yellow tones make me look jaundiced and half dead.

I prefer the original tube/dispensing better though :-\

While Garnier's Miracle Perfector is not as full coverage as the Asian BB creams, it's pretty decent. I can put this on and go without worrying about blemishes or red spots. That's what I need. I'm far from high maintenance and don't like spending hours putting on makeup. This blends in well, not too dark or light, and once it settles/oxidizes, its an almost perfect match. The oil-free formula does dry up pretty quickly compared to the original, so you do have to work fast. And it is a lot runnier/thinner than the original. It makes it hard to squeeze the right amount out of the tube because it just runs out everywhere. I haven't had any issues with it streaking, but I do a quick once over with clean, damp hands to smooth and add a little moisture back to my face. The one downside to this oil free formula, if I have dry spots on any parts of my face, this will cling to it like crazy. My cheeks have their dry moments, so I use a little of the Triple Nutrition Oil or jojoba oil on the dry spots first. I give it a few to absorb and then use the BB cream. Voila, magical results. The matte finish makes me look airbrushed - a good thing in my book. After a few hours I end up with a more natural finish, without being a grease ball. A win for me.

Original formula on left, Oil Free on right
Both blend in pretty seamlessly.

Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector Oil-Free BB Cream claims to "control shine, minimize pores, even skin tone, hydrate, and protect with SPF 20 sunscreen."  I can say that it manages to do most of those things. I can't say it minimizes pores, I see no difference. I honestly don't think there is a product in the world that will help with that. But it controls shine, evens out my dark spots and red areas. The key to keeping oil at bay - Perlite. It absorbs twice its weight in oil/water to control shine/grease. A miracle for me :)

Bare face on left; 1 layer Garnier on right (no concealer or anything else)
Garnier alone on my face with 4 hours of sleep @ 6:30 am on a Sat. lol

- Good light/medium coverage (is build-able without getting cakey)
- Non-greasy, keeps oiliness at bay
- No breakouts with my sensitive skin

- The squeeze nozzle it is messy, can't stand the tube on its cap
- Not enough shades to cover the whole spectrum

- contains SPF 20. Some think this is fantastic, others think its too low. For reference, my Missha has SPF 45 UVA/UVB. Depends on your preference.

Overall, I would keep using this and probably replace Missha, since I can't get that in stores, but I can get the Garnier practically anywhere. It's sold in all your typical pharmacy stores as well as Target and Walmart. Definitely worth a try if you're on the market for something quick and easy in the mornings.

- L

***I was not paid for the review. This Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector was sent to me for free by BzzAgent to evaluate and provide feedback.***


  1. Great review! I tried this BB cream and I love it. You look great by the way :)

    1. Thank you! I aim for informative reviews :)


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