Sunday, May 12, 2013

Nair Milk and Honey Roll On Wax Review

I reviewed Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Roll on Wax and was pretty much sold on it. In fact I hadn't gone to get waxed professionally again, or bought/used any other wax - until now. For some reason, maybe it's just in the city - or I haven't looked hard enough, I can't find the Brazilian Spa Clay. At first I  tried to make Arabic sugar wax putty that I came across on Pinterest one night. I followed the steps in this video and lets just say that didn't turn out so great. I've seen the Milk and Honey roll on in a few stores though, and decided to just pick one up since it also has the reusable strips and washes off with water. I figured I couldn't go wrong since Nair proved themselves to me with the Brazilian wax.

Well as I learned before, not all waxes are created equal - even if from the same company. While the instructions/steps were the exact same, the wax's performance was not. Now I am by far not a professional, but I have gotten my method down pretty well. I know what works for me and by George this did not work as well as I had hoped. Maybe my hair was too thick/coarse (I tried only my legs. Couldn't bother use it on my arms after the experience.) I'm not really too sure, but either way it didn't remove all the hair. The hairs it did remove were not from the root. My legs were hairless, but not smooth at all. It felt like a 5'o clock shadow. Not cool and definitely not sexy. I didn't exfoliate my legs prior to waxing, but I never did that with the Brazilian spa clay and I didn't have this issue. With the other one I was baby's butt smooth. I also did find this one to be harder to wash off my skin and out of the strips. 

Despite my earlier gripes, I gave this a try again to do my arms and I can without a doubt say this is not for me. I thought it was just me last night, but my skin did turn so red after using this wax - at the appropriate temperature. I found this ironic because it says for sensitive skin :-\ Also it took repeated waxing (not supposed to I know) to remove most of the hairs. And I still had strays all over the place! Not good at all. The working time is short with this product too. After heating and letting it cool enough to handle, the wax started to become stiff, it was still warm, but not very workable. I barely got half my lower arm done before it was too unmanageable and had to be reheated and cooled. Not so with the Brazilian one. I also ended up using more wax, I did only arms and legs and have only a little left. Not enough for any applications, so I just threw it away. This has been such a disappointment. Guess I will stock up on the Brazilian one when I do find it. 

It is worth noting/mentioning that while I was skeptical about the Nair paper strips in the beginning because they are on the thin side, they are very resilient. I've been using the ones from my Brazilian kit for a few months now, and they're still holding up exceptionally well. Even when I get lazy and leave them in a bucket overnight soaking in water (gross I knew -__-) They don't get wilty or lose their shape or integrity. They haven't torn or ripped during waxing or washing or at all. They're in pretty good shape considering I don't take the best care of them. They dry fairly quickly so it helps since there are too few of them in the kit to do all of your legs. Usually after I finish waxing my lower leg, I'll wash some strips and hang them out to dry. This way I don't run out. It does cause some lag time in-between but nothing major. I'm usually never doing this in a rush. I couldn't imagine even trying to so this quickly. I keep saying I have to buy more strips but I still haven't made it to the beauty supply store yet. Eventually I will.

    - washes off with water
    - strips are reusable
    - easily available

    - hard to roll on/spread
    - short working time
    - not enough strips
    - very few applications
    - not so easy clean up, even though it washes off with water

Overall I wouldn't recommend this unless you have fine/thin hair and don't have a lot to take off to begin with. If you have coarse/thick hair I would skip it and go with the Brazilian Spa Clay wax instead.

- L

PS: My last post was my 100th!!! :)

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