Friday, June 14, 2013

Lazy Bones

Yep that pretty much describes me at the moment. For whatever reason I feel like I'm in a slump. I drag myself to work and home with no oomph. But I have also been all over the place as well. I have been trying to do too much (again) and probably have overworked myself. I need to take a break. BUT I am taking 2 mini getaways in July and I cannot wait. :D Since my company is so awesome, I get the 4th and the day after off, so I'll be getting out of NY for the extended weekend. The following weekend is the Mister's birthday weekend! So of course we are doing a little something something. I'm sure this will give me my mojo back. I'm just getting tired of the city, the monotony. And I am a little frustrated with the apartment search amongst other things...

On a more positive note, I am learning more about the natural/organic home beauty treatments. I would like to think if it being more beneficial than lathering chemical laden creams, etc on my face and body. Not to be confused with me being all natural or anything. I still love me some processed foods! But I'm working on that too. Being natural is expensive, and out of my budget at the moment. I'm still switching certain things up and slipping a few organic things in here and there. The most important thing is my face. I'm into the clay masks and raw honey right now. My idea is (I'm sure I've expressed this here before) a clean and properly taken care of face will get rid of the redness and acne and glow on its own. Thus cutting out the need for makeup and lessening the money I spend on beauty stuff. I have already been in love with coconut and jojoba oils for the past few months, so adding a few more organic things to the beauty routine that are more beneficial than the store bought products is not a big deal. I'll probably go more into detail on it later, when I have my routine down. I am replacing a lot of name brands with plain old raw honey and some oils!

- L

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