Saturday, July 13, 2013

Getaway Numero Dos: Berkshires in MA

For the Mister's birthday we came out to a Bed and Breakfast on Lake Garfield in Massachusetts called Lakeside Terrace. It's in the west end of MA in this area of the woods called the Berkshires. Very serene and beautiful and quiet. When they say lake side, they meant it. We're just a few feet away from the water! I've been enjoying myself and taking lots of pictures. There is no service out here, but there is limited wifi, so I can sneak some posts. Perfect spot for tuning out and powering down with no distractions if you really want to. I enjoy the peace and quiet, no rushing and no arguing. Everyone out here is really nice, they aren't aggressive like New Yorkers (city people anyway.) Everything is a little drive away, but it's good to just let the wind blow in your hair and explore. The view by the lake is really spectacular. We've been enjoying ourselves and are not ready to come back to NYC. The time is too short to really experience everything here, but we will be back.

I've been posting pictures here and there on FB, Twitter, and Instagram so be sure to check them out.

- L

Lake Garfield Lakeside Terrace
View of Lake Garfield

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