Friday, July 5, 2013

My Short Trip to DC

I managed to get some time off and escape NY for the holiday weekend and I was never so excited. I came out here to Maryland to spend some time with my family and relax from the hustle and bustle of city life. And let me tell you, I am even more sold on leaving NY and coming out here or somewhere in the area. I love the calmness of it. No rushing anywhere, nice scenery, cleaner air (at least I think so!) and the most important - QUIET! I am just so in awe of the peacefulness down here. I've been posting pics on Instagram, so go check them out if you aren't already!

Today I managed to meet up with my cousin in DC and we went to the National Zoo and saw some animals. But it was even too hot for some of them! The pandas, gorillas, and orangutans were all inside. The poor elephants were just standing in the shade spraying themselves with water. I was able to see a few animals outside before we called it quits. It was beyond packed, to the point that we had to wait on line to see the pandas. Yes, a line to see the pandas. They were quite the hot commodity. After awhile of not seeing any actual animals outside, I was done. It was way too hot to be doing this. So we switched it up and went to see the monuments. My phone was dying at this point, so I couldn't take any pics. I made sure I got a close up of the White House though! 

white house

All in all I enjoyed myself and will definitely make another trip out here. Maybe next time I'll come straight to DC and stay in the area. There were a lot more places around there I wanted to check out. 

Anyone else been to DC? Any tips?

- L


  1. Rent a bike and ride around the city. It's a great way to visit the city. They have those bike stations all around the city.

  2. I guess I'll have to learn to ride a bike then! lol I saw them all around and was curious though. Thanks!

  3. Omg you don't know how to ride a bike? I never knew this.

  4. I haven't been to DC in a while, but for me the best parts of visiting are checking out the museums and getting to spend time with my family that live there. I also enjoy checking out some of the restaurants. We stay away from the big name chains and explore mom and pop eateries.

  5. yes ma'am. I never had the opp during my lovely childhood. And when people tried to show me when I was in my teens, I was too scared! When you're a kid you really have no fear. It's also why I can't ice skate or roller blade. :X

  6. That's cool! I know I saw quite a few restaurants out there that looked good. Any specific ones you recommend?


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