Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Backstreet Boys In a World Like This Tour

Last night I finally was able to see my all time favorite group - THE Backstreet Boys. I bought tickets to the concert at Jones Beach Nikon theater for me and the Mr. He had no idea what he was in for.

I laughed, I cried, and I screamed my head off at the concert. I was thrown back to the 90's to my school girl crush days. They brought it. From their first single to the new ones. And I LOVED every bit of it! They still had the moves, even 20 years later. Yes, 20 years later.

There was a good crowd. All the husbands sat patiently while their wives sang along. A lot of the 90's kids that are all grown up, the moms, and even some grandmas. We all sang our hearts out with them, and screamed our asses off to show our undying love and support. There were a lot of creative BSB shirts, and I only wish I would have made one. Too bad I'm not 13 anymore. But the younger teens that were there, I don't get it. They sat there in silence the majority of the time. Like do you even know the greatness you're experiencing right now??

My only regret - not bringing my camera. My iphone pics are not that great because of the lights and video screens behind them. They're still on Instagram anyway and tumblr. Oh and not coughing up the dough to get pit tickets. They were generous to their fans. ::sigh::

- L

Oh and to the chics in the row behind me that made fun of that woman on stage - you're just mad that she got a super awesome close up and hugs from the guys 2x.


  1. I love me some BSB! Super stocked about their tour and new album. I'm still keeping the faith that we can an N'Sync reunion one of these days too.

  2. Glad you had fun and the MR was a good sport about going. Did he enjoy? Can't believe you cried after all these years later. They really have your heart. <3

  3. haha! N'Sync I don't see ever having a reunion. JT is doing his thang.

  4. He was alright with it. He said listening to music live is always nice. And yes I did cry like a school girl when they came out and did the first few songs. I would be a groupie any day for them.


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