Monday, September 16, 2013

Music Mondays

It happens to almost every artist. They put out hit record after hit record, but there is always that one album that for whatever reason, just doesn't seem to capture the world's ear the way their previous albums have. Often times the songs on these under-appreciated albums are some of the best work that an artist has made, but because of the lack of radio play most of world ends up missing these songs. In this post, I will look at two under-appreciated albums - John Mayer's Born And Raised and Cee-Lo Green's The Lady Killer.

The first album we'll take a look at is Cee-Lo Green's The Lady Killer. Despite having a massive hit (2010's F*ck You) and receiving 4 stars from Rolling Stone magazine, most people don't know or haven't listened to The Lady Killer. Why have most people missed such a great album? It's hard to say...maybe F*ck You was too big a hit, maybe the album was overshadowed by the rise of Cee-Lo in NBC's The Voice. Whatever the reason, people missed this album and it's a damn shame. This album is full of gems like Wildflower, Bodies, Cry Baby, and the motown-esque standout Old Fashion.

Now we move on to the complicated, always interesting, John Mayer. With John Mayer, there's no question why Born and Raised was overlooked. Prior to the album's actual release, Mr. Mayer suffered from throat granuloma. Combine that with his string of highly publicized douche-baggery (2010 Playboy Interview anyone?) and you have the makings of an album that won't be well received. It didn't help that Born and Raised didn't have a "traditional" single for radio airwaves and it's a shame because this album is John Mayer's best work. His guitar playing is at A+ level and the lyrics are some of the most personal and introspective lyrics that JM has ever put to music. It's hard to choose a track to put on this page because every track on this album is gold, but I've chosen my favorites, Queen of California and If I Ever Get Around To Living.

In closing, I hope that people give these two albums more spins. They are definitely worthy to be on anyone's playlist.

So sound off! Do you know any albums that don't receive the accolades they deserve? List them here!

- Juan 



  1. I was considering going to see John Mayer in concert in San Diego but talked myself out of it. This post may have just changed my mind.

  2. Hi Lori! I nominated you for a Liebster Award! Check out my post for the rules.

    xoxo Ms. J Rivers -


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