Monday, October 21, 2013

Music Monday: Deadmau5 "Album Title Goes Here"

Deadmau5 (pronounced deadmouse) is a peculiar person. He exists in a world where people call themselves DJ's, yet he constantly distances himself from the title (even writing a blog post where he calls EDM performers "button pushers"). From his many posts and rants on Twitter and Facebook you would assume that he hates celebrity, yet he is the only musician that I know of who will live stream himself in the studio while he is putting a song together. Maybe that's why we, his fans, are drawn to him and his music. It's fun watching this man rant while he pieces together amazing albums. Album Title Goes Here < is one such album.

Right off the bat it's hard to classify > Album Title Goes Here < as an EDM album. You won't find your typical bass drops and you will not be pumping your fist to this album. Instead, Deadmau5 gives us a straight dance album, a 2012 Discovery if you will. Keeping Daft Punk's Discovery in mind, this album is not all electronic beats. Deadmau5 has several vocalist appear on the album to give the album a more mainstream feel. The best example of this is the nearly nine minute epic, The Veldt.

With singer Chris James on the vocals, Deadmau5 turns Ray Bradbury's 1951 short story The Veldt into a musical masterpiece. Haunting and yet oddly soothing, Deadmau5 was able to capture the perfect  feel for Mr. Bradbury's dark story.

*Note the video version of The Veldt is only 2 minutes and
 59 seconds. The fullversion can be heard on the album*

Peaking at number 43, The Veldt did moderately well on Billboard's Dance Chart. It may not be a number one hit, but I believe Deadmau5 is ok with that. He is a man who hides from celebrity and puts out music at his pace. I wouldn't have it any other way.


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