Monday, October 28, 2013

Music Monday-Remy Shand

There are many artists in the music industry that, for one reason or another, release only one album. Two famous examples are Lauryn Hill's The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill and Jeff Buckley's Grace. For Lauryn Hill, her reason for leaving the music industry (as many believe) is because she wanted to focus on raising her kids. Jeff Buckley released only one album because he tragically passed away. However, these are only two examples. There are many artists who seemingly lost interest in the music industry after releasing their debut album. Remy Shand is one such artist.

I don't usually get upset with musicians, however, I am upset with Remy Shand. In 2002, Remy released the amazing, criminally neglected album The Way I Feel and then just disappeared. Granted, this album is a product of its time, but believe me when I tell you that neo-soul has never sounded better. Filled with tracks such as "Take a Message" and "Rocksteady", Remy takes the the listener through an auditory journey and doesn't let go until the end of the final track.

"Take A Message"


The two examples that I provided above are only a taste of the blue-eyed soul that The Way I Feel provides. This album is filled with gems that unfortunately not many heard because of Remy's abrupt departure. In my mind, Remy Shand left the industry so Robin Thicke could could enter. The two share very similar styles and their falsettos are eerily similar, but I digress...

Thankfully, it doesn't seem like Remy Shand is gone for good. Earlier this year, a Youtube Page was opened under his name. This page features two previously unreleased tracks: RollerGirls and WhereAreWeGoing?. Do these two new releases tease the comeback of Remy Shand? One Can only hope. Until then, we'll have to keep enjoying his only full length release The Way I Feel.


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