Monday, October 14, 2013

Music Mondays: Tyler, The Creator - "Wolf"

Wolf. The album title alone grabs your attention. The fact that this album is named after a lonesome, aggressive animal is fitting because these are the themes that Tyler explores throughout this album. On Wolf Tyler looks inward more than he has on his previous albums (the controversial Goblin and the self released Bastard) and doing so has allowed him to grow as a musician. However, I'm getting ahead of myself...

Wolf is, by all accounts, a concept album. The story follows the main character, Wolf, as he enters camp and meets the very aggressive Sam. Throughout the album, we see their rivalry grow as Sam and Wolf fall for the same woman. As the album progresses, we learn how this dilemma affects them and their relationship with other characters. Now, I have to stress, this is considered a hip hop album. However, at first glance, you wouldn't think it is. An album revolving around summer camp isn't the first thing that comes to mind when you think hip hop. Combine that with the quirky album packaging and it's easy to see why many hip hop fans dismissed this album. It's a shame they did because they missed out on how much Tyler has grown as a musician.

The above song (titled IFHY and performed in the voice of the Sam character) is a perfect example of how much Tyler has grown. At this point in his career, it is not strange for Tyler to bring up the topic of love. However, on IFHY he explores it in a mature tone than he does on his previous albums. Another thing that stands out in this song is the composition. Throughout the track you hear diverse melodies and chord changes. If you follow Tyler on Twitter, you know how much he obsesses over chords and melodies. The kid lives for them! This love for musicianship can be heard on throughout the entire album.

So tell me, have you heard this album and if so, what are your thoughts? Sound off on the comments!



  1. Omg Lori I love Tyler but you should see this article. This guy pieces all of his albums together and it's kind of really creepy reading the whole thing haha! he's so crazy but I love it.

  2. Mind = Blown. lol that was a really good break down, if not really weird he had that much time on his hands to come to that analysis and conclusion!


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