Monday, November 4, 2013

Music Monday-Kings Of Leon: Come Around Sundown

Kings of Leon have been around for a while. Forming in 1999, the Followill boys have come a long way from the southern rock sound that defined their early years. While the band was able to find success overseas using this formula, it wasn't until the release of their fourth album, Only by the Night, that the band was finally able to break in the United States. Peaking at number 4 on the Billboard Charts, Only by the Night spawned several hit singles which include Sex on Fire, Notion, and of course the album's biggest hit, Use Somebody.

With the success that was Only by the Night, one would assume that the follow-up album will definitely be a massive hit. And while that is true for the rest of the world, we here in America seem to be missing out once again. Come Around Sundown managed to reach Platinum status in every country that it was released in except for America, where it reached Gold.

In short, Come Around Sundown is exactly what it was meant to be. The Followill boys intended to make an album with a southern summer feel and they delivered. Songs like Radioactive and Back Down South give the listener a longing for those lazy summer days, whether you're originally from the South or not. To me, this is an example of a great album. You can be sitting in your apartment in New York City where the current temperature is 37 degrees but this album will transport you to warm summer day where you are gathered with your friends for a cookout. That's what great albums do. Unfortunately, it seems that we here in America haven't learned to appreciate this fact.

Note: Kings of Leon have announced the Mechanical Bull 2014 Tour. If you are interested in attending, please purchase your tickets here.



  1. love your routine! for the first time in years i have gotten my routine down and i am getting happier as time goes by with the way my skin feels and looks. i just have to start putting my clarisonic into more frequent use and i'll be good to go!

  2. I definitely need get a routine down because my skin has been doing it's own thing lately and that's not cool. I've been hearing such good things about some of these over the counter peels and I might try one.

  3. Yes! Finding the best routine is *MAGIC* I've never been happier with my skin :) Glad you have yours down!

  4. The OTC peels aren't as strong as the ones in the salon, but they work just as well IMO from the few I've tried. I'm sure I'll have to change this routine as my hormones change, but it makes a big difference, especially with dedication. Good Luck!


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