Monday, November 11, 2013

Music Mondays: Robin Thicke "Love After War"

If your only knowledge of Robin Thicke is from his controversial yet massive hit Blurred Lines, you can be forgiven for believing that this is the only kind of music he makes. The truth is that Robin spent years out of the mainstream eye writing hits for artists such as Jordan Knight, Marc Anthony and Christina Aguilera.  After writing for other artists, Robin released his first album, A Beautiful World in 2003. While not a massive hit, it would produce a song that would give Robin his first taste at solo success. The song is When I Get You Alone. 

After this semi-hit Robin went back to the studio and reinvented himself. The result would the aptly named The Evolution of Robin Thicke. Evolution would be the album that would bring Robin to the mainstream with hits such as Lost Without U, Can U Believe and Wanna Love You Girl. 

After Evolution, Robin continued his hit parade with his follow up albums. However, one album seems to be lost in the pack. This album is 2011's Love After War

Unlike his most recent effort Blurred Lines (which he has gone on record to say is his least personal album), Love After War follows in the tradition of pure, unadulterated R&B that made his previous albums classics. Written around the theme of couples who make up after an argument, Robin explores what it takes to make a relationship work. This theme can be heard most on the tracks We A Family, I Don't Know How It Feels Like To Be U, and of course, Love After War.

In closing, I hope that this post has helped the reader see that Robin Thicke is much more than just Blurred Lines. Yes, it's his biggest hit to date, but it is far from his best and Love After War shows how great of an artist he is. So tell me, what are your thoughts on Robin Thicke?


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  1. I think When I Get You Alone is my favorite hit of his. This is exactly the reason why I don't like his 'over-sexed' songs; I know his trajectory and I know he is capable (and masterfully so) of so much more.


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