Monday, January 13, 2014

Music Monday: M.I.A - Matangi

First and foremost, happy 2014!

2013 was an amazing year in music and I can't wait to see what 2014 has in store for our ears. For this post, I will focus on an album that I and (judging by it's chart performance) a lot of people completely missed last year, M.I.A's Matangi.

Is it too late to add this album to my "Best of 2013" list?

I have to thank a good friend of mine for introducing me to this album because wow. I have been a fan of M.I.A since she broke here in the States with the Diplo produced single Bucky Dun Gun. Since the release of that song in 2005, M.I.A has seen significant success with songs such as XXXO, Born Free and the immensely popular Paper Planes. These songs, however, are just a taste of M.I.A's true talent; experimentalism. With previous albums M.I.A played with experimental sounds, however, it's with this album that she truly shines.

The first for single for this album, Bad Girls, was released early in 2012. Filled with middle eastern influences, this song is an appropriate first single because it sets up the tone of the album. However, it must be noted that while great, this song is only a hint of what's in the album. For a better idea of the album you have to look to the second single, Bring The Noize.

 M.I.A. has never been afraid to push the boundaries of her music and with this album, she did so magnificently. The only other album released last year that I can compare Matangi to is Kanye West's experimental Yeezus. That's not bad company to be in.


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