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Nair Shower Power Max with Moroccan Argan Oil Review

Nair Shower Power Max Argan Oil

 It seems like I'm always looking for new ways to get rid of my unwanted body hair. I'm just a hair short (and a few thousands) from getting laser removal. Lately I've been finding it damn near impossible to find my Brazilian spa clay shower power. Maybe I'm not looking hard enough. Who knows. But I was in Walmart the other day and stumbled across this one - Shower Power Max with Argan Oil. It had my name written all over it. Maximum strength for coarse hair - Check. Pump and lock - Check. Same amount and price as Brazilian spa clay - Check. The ingredients are pretty similar as well!

 I ran home giddy with glee and hopped in the shower to try it out. (I find it easier to apply in the shower and wait before turning on the water than doing it outside and getting Nair everywhere. I'm a slob sue me.) I was surprised as all get out that it smelled even better than the spa clay! No horrid Nair smell at all. It was tropical and fruity and only developed a slight chemical smell, but no where near the original Nair that stank up your whole house for days.

Did it work better than the spa clay? Yes it is for sure stronger. Even with spa clay I have to shave over some spots that don't come clean. With this one I didn't. I also felt a little tingling on my legs after a few minutes while I was slathering it on my arms. So this is for sure some higher strength stuff. Don't do what I did though. I missed a few spots on my arms and tried to Nair again. Big mistake. It burned and I got some red marks and bumps on my arms. Although I should've known better as my arms are way more sensitive than my legs. Also I had a small scab on my wrist that I forgot about. Between the Nair and the rubbing of the sponge the scab was gone and the scratch was raw and bled a little.. So definitely don't use if you have any scrapes or scratches. I rubbed my arms and legs down in jojoba oil immediately after showering and that took away the sting of the Nair burns (on my arms) and made my skin silky smooth and soft. The redness was almost gone the next morning and my arms didn't hurt or feel overly sensitive.

  • Smells better than traditional Nair 
  • Works on tough stubborn hair 
  • Residue washes off without much effort
  • Scent is not strong or overbearing

  • Shorter working time 
  • Can be pricey 

Would I buy this again? Absolutely. Hands down. I would even buy this over the spa clay! I would have to manage my time better and apply more evenly so I don't miss any spots and give it enough time to work its magic. Bottom line this is a great product and I'm willing to shell out for it. I just wish that higher strength meant I could go longer before doing it again. But the time in between Nair's was the same as with the spa clay - about 3 days. But that's better than shaving and having my hair grow overnight.

More pics below!

- L

Nair Shower Power Max Argan OilNair Shower Power Max Argan Oil

Nair Shower Power Max Argan OilNair Shower Power Max Argan Oil

Nair Shower Power Max Argan Oil Brazilian Spa Clay


  1. Definitely gonna try it! How much is it? and how long does it take before you can start removing it? I used to use the smelly nair ones but I got lazy and since then I've reverted back to using razors. I use that one with the big soap/moisturizer on the blade haha but it's expensive!

  2. I got it at Walmart for $9. After about 3 mins you test a patch but don't leave it on more than 5. Razors are so expensive and I always cut myself :-/

  3. I wish I didn't have leg hair that resembled spider legs....(meaning it's super thick so I can't use hair removal creams). This would be so much easier for me!

  4. I always want to try these new Nair products because they sound awesome, but after trying their hair removal products twice and having my skin burned off both times, I've given up.

  5. Wendy Harley Nd JulioJuly 15, 2014 at 3:17 PM

    I have the same problem i had even try the original max nair didnt do it for mii plus the smelll uff ( n raiser even with 5 blazes or more where ok but i would have to shave evry day n my legs got super sensitive after a while. So i bought this one the nair power shower max moroccon argan oil(pik on top) n it did work forme left my legs super smooth. Ijust put in on a minute before. I shower jump in did everything else on the shower n remove hair at the end than i just use my body wash after n wow it really work n it didnt even burn like the regular nair

  6. Oooh, I've always been afraid to try Nair. My skin is so sensitive...but I really wanna try this!!!


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