Thursday, December 17, 2015

Maybe not weekly...

I clearly cannot keep up with weekly posts. And I refuse to sit down and mass produce and schedule posts ahead of time. So monthly, random posts will have to suffice. If the mobile version was easier to use, then maybe I would post more. Who knows. 

I've had a lot going on the past few weeks anyway. Our big NY show was Thanksgiving weekend, and it was busy in the office once I got back. Lots of catching up on emails, sending out orders and other things. I'm still dealing with all of that until I leave for vacation on Tuesday. It's a never ending cycle. And then Jan ramps up my busy travel schedule again, so I will be in and out for a few months until the summer. #LeSigh But such is life. Business travel is not that fun y'all. I see the airport, convention center, maybe a restaurant or two, and my hotel. Nothing more. I don't have the luxury of cushioning my business trips with personal days either. I wish I could. 

Also there's some persona stuff going on among all of this that makes it harder to focus on work. That will be for another time. If I ever feel like sharing that. It's been tough, but I think whatever the outcome is, it will make me a stronger person. Hopefully.

Anyway I'll be out for the holidays. Going back to Jamaica for the first time since 2007. So I'll touch base after the new year and hopefully have some good pictures for you guys.

- L 

Monday, November 30, 2015

Music Monday: Justin Bieber

Yep, you read that right. I never would have thought I'd listen to and LIKE the Biebs. But I do. It happened because I just throw Spotify on at work and don't really pay attention to the artists sometimes. So I heard "What Do You Mean" and thought it was catchy. I decided to look at the artist as it was playing, and was floored to see it was Bieber. I actually ended up liking a few other songs of his after I listened to his more recent stuff. Who knew?! He actually grew up and I can appreciate this version of him. Plus this segway cover is pretty awesome:

Original Vid:

- L

Friday, November 27, 2015

Foodie Friday - Red Wine Ribs

Originally this was supposed to be"FIT Foodie Fridays" and I'm dropping the FIT part. I love food. Period. I occasionally try to be healthy. But more often than not I will cook questionably healthy items. Sue me. I'll get it together one day. 

Yesterday being Thanksgiving and all, Hubs and I just stayed home and kept it simple. I work Thanksgiving weekend at one of our biggest shows of the year, so I can never really go anywhere. I leave Wed night to be back Friday and it is just not worth it. I will take the down time when I can. That being said, I was more than ready to have the time I needed to make me some ribs. He doesn't eat pork, so all the more to myself. I usually do Guinness or some other dark beer ribs in the crockpot. This year he wasn't as willing to give up his beer for something he wouldn't be eating. I didn't have any broth to substitute, and I didn't want to use water. So I raided the liquor cabinet. Whiskey was out the question, but what about red wine? People cook with red wine all the time, why not ribs? I dumped in half a bottle, turned the crockpot on and went about my business. It did occur to me to look up if this was a thing and did I just ruin my ribs? Apparently it is and it tastes DELICIOUS. 

I don't have any pictures of my own as I am not particularly great at making food look good. So here's the general idea:

I did not follow the recipe from anywhere, except what was in my head. I'm sure there are much better ones out there, but this worked for me.

1 - family pack of ribs
1 - medium onion sliced
4 - cloves of garlic thick cut
1/2 bottle of red wine (I used cabernet sauvignon)
whatever seasonings you want (I used Flavor God's Honey BBQ and Pink Peppercorn/Himalayan Salt)

Once the onions and garlic were cut up, I threw them in the crockpot. I tossed in the ribs and covered them in Flavor God (side note, I use these because I'm lazy and they make my life easier, just using one bottle, sometimes two.) Snapped on some gloves and went to work mixing these all up and massaging everything into the ribs. I covered the ribs with the red wine,which ended up being half a bottle for me. You can mix in broth or water if you don't want to use all wine. I figured it would pull in more of the wine flavor if I didn't dilute with anything, so I left it alone. I cooked these on high in the crockpot for about 4 hours. The meat was juicy and falling off the bone. It shredded so easily. I actually like this better than using the beer. Win for me.

Any recipe substitutions you've used in a pinch that worked out for you? Or maybe didn't?
- L

Monday, November 23, 2015

Music Monday: Adele - 25

When Adele released "Hello" the world collectively lost it's mind. We've been waiting for her to settle down after motherhood and bless us with her soulful ballads again. As with most anything, the Internet finds a way to nit pick on certain things. And I will not stand for it with Adele. Calling her mediocre? Stop it. Just stop it. Saying the lyrics to "Hello" are not original or inspiring? Because Fetty Wap is SO profound. Please.

Anyway... I obviously love Adele and it was a no brainer to pre-order her album on Google Play. Though I do wish I would have gotten the Target CD with the 3 bonus tracks. I still may go pick it up. She is one of the very few artists I will actually buy an album from. Normally I just buy a few tracks here or there, but rarely an entire album. I woke up on Friday and was happy, ok ECSTATIC to see Adele's album had been added to my Google Play library. Unfortunately I didn't have time to download it on Wi-Fi until I got to work, so I couldn't soothe my ears on the train ride into the city. I plugged in almost immediately at the computer and was not disappointed. I can say I've had this album on absolute repeat this entire weekend. I listened to it initially in order, to get a feel from the album, and then on shuffle x10000 because I like mixing it up.

Just like her previous albums, her songs give you ALL the feels. While her last album, 21, left us feeling her heartbreak, 25 gives you hope. She calls it a makeup album, and some tracks are more uplifting than others. I think it's a good mix. I definitely fell in love with "Water Under The Bridge", "Send My Love (To Your New Lover)", "I Miss You", and "Sweetest Devotion" immediately. I like the direction of this album and I hope she doesn't leave us hanging for another 5 years before releasing another album. 

Did you buy Adele's album yet? What are you waiting for?
 - L

***Disclaimer - I did purchase this album and am NOT being compensated in any way for this post. I also am not a music genius or any type of self proclaimed audiophile.***

Thursday, November 19, 2015

It's been a long time..

Wow, over a year since my last post. Guess it's time to blow off the dust and put this bad boy back to use. Blogging was fun for me. It was just me writing about whatever I wanted without caring about anything, until it became a competition. And that's when the fun was gone and I felt too bothered to keep up with it anymore. Because having a general "lifestyle" blog with no specific direction was laughable to other, more mainstream bloggers that considered themselves more successful. I had very few people in my family or social circle even supporting my blog. I had more responsibilities at work and was stretching myself too thin, so I stopped. I gave up.

But now, I'm ready to give it another shot. I'm not doing it for the page views (even if they are nice to see!) I'm doing it for my damn self. It's nice to get back in here and put my thoughts together. De-stress a little. Gather myself. Share silly things, important things, or just nothing. It will give me something to do. I'll re-structure my blog, give it a face lift, and decide on how I want to move forward with it.

Few updates:

I've been married a year and a half now. Shocking right? I can't believe I never mentioned this to you guys before I stopped posting. Still no kids, maybe in the next few years. Maybe. I'm just not ready yet. Well not just me, both of us. WE aren't ready yet.

I'm still travelling for work, part of the reason I stopped posting. I was only supposed to be out a few times a year, but then I (guess) proved myself to be competent enough that I started travelling more often. At least 1x a month, sometimes 2x. These trips are usually Wed-Sat or Sun, so that takes up a good chunk of my time. I can't even think about how many weekends I lost to my job. But then again I am gaining experience. That's more important than sitting around doing nothing. Travel experience, job experience, life experience, etc. There's no limit on learning new things is there?

I've had a traumatizing run in with bed bugs in Las Vegas at Caesar's Palace this summer. I almost wanted to blog about that and how I hated Vegas. BUT I will give Vegas another chance. I am bound to have to go there again for work at some point.

I turned into an even bigger shopaholic. Even more so on makeup and beauty. I wish I could post everything I've bought, but due to recent events, I will keep a lot under wraps. Also people are judgmental as fuck. Whatever I choose to do with my money is none of your damn business. Hence me never moving through with turning this into a swatch blog for similar skin tones. I find it hard to find swatches on skin tones similar to mine. And if I do, I always feel like they've been shopped. That idea is still an option. Maybe. But I'm deff not turning this into a full on beauty blog. There are too many of those. And for now, I don't think I will be doing many reviews either. We'll see.

So how have y'all been? Miss me at all? lol Kidding.

Until next time,
- L