Monday, November 23, 2015

Music Monday: Adele - 25

When Adele released "Hello" the world collectively lost it's mind. We've been waiting for her to settle down after motherhood and bless us with her soulful ballads again. As with most anything, the Internet finds a way to nit pick on certain things. And I will not stand for it with Adele. Calling her mediocre? Stop it. Just stop it. Saying the lyrics to "Hello" are not original or inspiring? Because Fetty Wap is SO profound. Please.

Anyway... I obviously love Adele and it was a no brainer to pre-order her album on Google Play. Though I do wish I would have gotten the Target CD with the 3 bonus tracks. I still may go pick it up. She is one of the very few artists I will actually buy an album from. Normally I just buy a few tracks here or there, but rarely an entire album. I woke up on Friday and was happy, ok ECSTATIC to see Adele's album had been added to my Google Play library. Unfortunately I didn't have time to download it on Wi-Fi until I got to work, so I couldn't soothe my ears on the train ride into the city. I plugged in almost immediately at the computer and was not disappointed. I can say I've had this album on absolute repeat this entire weekend. I listened to it initially in order, to get a feel from the album, and then on shuffle x10000 because I like mixing it up.

Just like her previous albums, her songs give you ALL the feels. While her last album, 21, left us feeling her heartbreak, 25 gives you hope. She calls it a makeup album, and some tracks are more uplifting than others. I think it's a good mix. I definitely fell in love with "Water Under The Bridge", "Send My Love (To Your New Lover)", "I Miss You", and "Sweetest Devotion" immediately. I like the direction of this album and I hope she doesn't leave us hanging for another 5 years before releasing another album. 

Did you buy Adele's album yet? What are you waiting for?
 - L

***Disclaimer - I did purchase this album and am NOT being compensated in any way for this post. I also am not a music genius or any type of self proclaimed audiophile.***

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