Thursday, December 17, 2015

Maybe not weekly...

I clearly cannot keep up with weekly posts. And I refuse to sit down and mass produce and schedule posts ahead of time. So monthly, random posts will have to suffice. If the mobile version was easier to use, then maybe I would post more. Who knows. 

I've had a lot going on the past few weeks anyway. Our big NY show was Thanksgiving weekend, and it was busy in the office once I got back. Lots of catching up on emails, sending out orders and other things. I'm still dealing with all of that until I leave for vacation on Tuesday. It's a never ending cycle. And then Jan ramps up my busy travel schedule again, so I will be in and out for a few months until the summer. #LeSigh But such is life. Business travel is not that fun y'all. I see the airport, convention center, maybe a restaurant or two, and my hotel. Nothing more. I don't have the luxury of cushioning my business trips with personal days either. I wish I could. 

Also there's some persona stuff going on among all of this that makes it harder to focus on work. That will be for another time. If I ever feel like sharing that. It's been tough, but I think whatever the outcome is, it will make me a stronger person. Hopefully.

Anyway I'll be out for the holidays. Going back to Jamaica for the first time since 2007. So I'll touch base after the new year and hopefully have some good pictures for you guys.

- L