Wednesday, June 1, 2016

One Step at a Time..

I did have an angry rant post that I wanted to publish, but I am glad (now) that I didn't. It's been about a week since he moved out now. And oddly enough, I'm ok. The first 2 days, it was awkward and I was spooked about living alone. *Cue in all the Criminal Minds episodes I've watched over the years. * But I've gotten through it and am making progress in getting my apartment together. My miffle (male bestie) took me to Ikea and I stocked up on a few things to freshen up the place. Ladies Night last Friday was a success, even though I was freaking out over my lack of planning for it. You figure I plan events and such for my job, I'd be able to plan my own smaller scale events right? I'll be prepared next time at least!

I'm taking it all in one day at a time, one step at a time. There are times I do still think about everything and get pissed off. But then I let it go. I have to. There isn't enough time to hold onto the grudges. Yeah I still think of him as an asshole sometimes, but then who doesn't think their ex is a shit from time to time? He may not be the worst ex in the world as people like to point out, but he still did some shit things to me. And that's my prerogative. I flipped out a little on twitter the other day about what someone said to me (re: him not being that bad) and maybe said a few things I shouldn't have, but I'm dealing with it better. People will always have opinions because it's easier to comment as an outsider looking in. But since it's my life and my decisions, it's just easier to ignore what they have to say. 

For now, I am not in a rush to get into anything new. I'm taking it easy. I'm ready to focus on myself. Get my shit together. When the time is right (in theory) the right person will come along.

- L

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