Friday, June 24, 2016

Where has it gone?

This month my Facebook memories showed me a ton of posts where I talked about how fly I was, or how great I felt. And it's making me wonder where all of that self-love and confidence has gone. I'm not a body shamer, nor do I hate myself. But I have lost the oomph that made me strut my stuff. Maybe the loss of confidence is exuded in my personality and why I am not gaining as much traction as I would like as a newly single woman. Who knows. Maybe it is in my head. But these posts really got me wondering. Where did it go? Why did it leave? Why did I let it? What changed for/with me? Did I get complacent, or too comfortable and thus stopped caring about how I looked and then that in turn made me feel less than stellar and more self-conscious? Enough that I started to second guess myself? I know I can do better, I've always felt that way. But lately, I am more disappointed with what I see in the mirror. I've got to change that. I mean look at this:

This is just one example that showed up. I re-shared this one, but there are quite a few I didn't. I'm wondering how people weren't so sick of my posts, or if they were, why they never blocked me. Haha. Even this morning I thought about something from roughly 2005/2006 era.

I guess I've got to get my groove back!

Have a good weekend everyone ;-)

- L

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