Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Time to Step Back, Just a Bit..

I try not to overshare. But, lately, I feel like I do. Or at least that people think I do. It's not like I'm detailing every aspect of my life online (well maybe a little bit on Snapchat.) I'm definitely better than I was before. Thanks to these Facebook Memories, I can see exactly how much I used to overshare. It really amazes me that people still liked me after that. Or maybe they didn't and they were pretending. I don't detail my relationship (or lack of) online anymore. I don't rant as often on Twitter, post too excessively on Instagram. But I still feel like I need to take a step back. And so I'm slowly pulling myself off of social media. I'm snapping less, even while traveling. I don't actually post much on Facebook anyway, just re-share all those memes and weird pictures or food videos. Other than that, no real status updates or posts. Instagram will be the one thing I don't abandon completely because I want to keep my stats up. Not that I post anything groundbreaking. But I'm still deciding if I want to turn it over into a more food/makeup oriented account.

I think the disappointment in people from my birthday weekend also played a part in me wanting to share less. These people are NOT my friends. They're people I know from somewhere or the other. Past coworkers, people I've met in social gatherings, friends of friends of friends. But not real, or really there for me. They always say you "lose" more friends the older you get. And I never understood it before, but I do now. There are all these people who are situational, and so few who are there for you. I've also learned that the length of time I have known someone means absolutely nothing. It does not determine any obligations we have towards each other, and it definitely does not mean we have to remain close or the opposite - that we can't be close. People change, grow apart, are at different stages in their lives.. So I've learned to let go of some people, no matter if I've known them for over 10 years. And in the same token, learned that some of the newer people in my life can be just as close as the long termers.

All in all, I am taking a breather. I need to focus on myself and those who are willing to come with me on the journey.

- L

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